Friday, May 15, 2015

Saturday Snapshot

April 2015 - Odessa Texas

We spent the night on our drive home in Odessa. According to Roadside America it is home to the world's largest jackrabbit.

The town is full of painted jackrabbits. We found a few as we were leaving town.

According to the town of Odessa a jackrabbit is not a rabbit. A jackrabbit is a type of hare closely related to the North American Jackalope (which are also common in Odessa). While rabbits are cute and furry herbivores, jackrabbits are ferocious prairie predators that have been known to hunt game as large as bison and are the only natural predators of the chupacabra.

This one was right outside our hotel, the Elegante.

This was downtown near the bronze statue.


  1. What marvelous things to have in town!

  2. I love it when towns embrace a giant something. Australia has oodles of's nice to see our American cousins enjoying a similar fondness for huge :-)
    (although I don't think we have a giant rabbit anywhere - prawns, bananas, pineapples, sheep, rocking horse to name just a few! Rabbit are an introduced species into Australia...and a real pest - not something to be celebrated I guess!)

  3. The one with the dancers is very nice. What fun to go on a jackrabbit hunt. I wrote a long post today, but included some interesting pics too. Here's Mine

  4. Wonderful variations on the rabbit. Thanks for sharing....In Northern California we have Babe & the Blue Ox...but I haven't traveled in those parts for a while. Soon.


  5. Looks like Odessa has a lot of fun with its jackrabbits! Love your line about jackrabbits being "the only natural predators of the chupacabra." Too funny.
    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog post.

  6. That's so neat! I love all the rabbits.

  7. So ... I guess I wouldn't want to run into a jackrabbit or a jackelope! Cool statues !

  8. I was thinking the same thing as Brona. In Australia there is a "Big" Everything. It seems more common in the U.S and Canada to have a theme of smaller items across town like the jackrabbits you shown. We have dozens of mermaids in the city near us and we saw a lobster theme in Halifax a few years ago. They did a great job painting the rabbits.

    Sean at His and Her Hobbies

  9. wow!! they sure can run fast and to be able to take a bison - wow!!
    I like the statues of them
    interesting post :)

  10. What great jackrabbits! I love when cities have unique art like that!


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