Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Las Vegas Battista's Hole in the Wall

January 2015 - Las Vegas NV

On one of our last evenings in Las Vegas this week we had intended on going to an old favourite for dinner but then decided to try our a LV landmark instead. Battista’s Hole in the Wall, Italian restaurant located behind the Flamingo hotel.
We have passed this place so many times so finally we are trying it.

It was actually raining when we left and were planning our parking options. the restaurant has a parking area but it is usually so packed. However, we scored a spot RIGHT in front.

Our reservation was for 7:30 but it was only 7 PM when we arrived so we went to the bar where I took several photos. All photos were taken with our phones.

Our table was then immediately available and we were led through a labyrinth to a room at the back.
the room was full and we were given a table in the corner which was perfect.
Photo was taken later in the evening.

We told our server, Eric, that we would finish our drinks before placing any orders to which he was amenable and then placed a carafe of white AND red wine on the table.

There was a bus boy who kept asking if we wanted our salad or soup to whom we kept telling no we would wait.

The menu is on the wall and you can have soup or salad, garlic bread and a main course. There is unlimited wine and a cappuccino at the end.

We placed our orders and were served our salads. The salad had a slice of salami and banana peppers on top and was really good along with the garlic bread.

The room started to empty out, these people must have arrived at 5PM!

John had spaghetti and meat sauce and I opted for veal marsala after vacillating between eggplant parmesan or veal parmesan. It was all good, don't expect gourmet dining but quantities are plenty.

This is when it started to fall apart. The room is now empty, it is only 8:30 and they are open until 10PM.
The servers start whipping table linens onto tables, clattering cutlery and bustling about. We were asked several times if we wanted our cappuccinos, no.
Our servers disappeared.
Another server appeared with cappuccinos - "here's your hat, what's your hurry"?

John is a very generous tipper usually, but not tonight, he did write on the back of the bill about the dismal service.


  1. Hmmm, I wonder if it was an off night for the place.

  2. I guess it's for the dinner at 5 crowd. Ugh

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