Monday, January 5, 2015

Heritage St.

December 2014 - Las Vegas NV

We took a trip to the Clark County Museum with an entry fee of $1 each!! Not expecting much we ended up spending over two hours wandering around the museum and the historical houses.

I'm going to concentrate on the houses today located on Heritage St. which were decorated for the holidays. These are a collection of restored historic buildings that depict daily life from different decades in Las Vegas, Boulder City, Henderson and Goldfield.

Click here to visit the Candlelight Wedding chapel.

It was a gorgeous day with not very many people.

Motor Court Cabin built 1930s

 This woman gave John quite a turn!

Love her with her cigarette - very typical 1950s living room.

My aunt had a table like this in green!


  1. Sometimes these out of the way museums can surprise you!

  2. What great stuff you have here. A feast for the eyes! The Beckley House, that cool door, the aluminum Christmas tree and that green bathroom are to die for. The 1948 Spartan trailer is so cool, I am just finishing up a 1947 style tear drop trailer that I hope to hit the roads with this year. WOW, thanks for sharing such cool stuff. And to think that I never wanted to go to Sin City. You have changed that. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  3. Wow! That door is amazing! Who would have thought to use junk car windows. Call me crazy, but would love to have that vintage green bathroom in my house!

  4. LOVED the Spartan trailer (had never heard of them!) and seeing these amazing vintage bungalows and homes. LOVE LOVE LOVE! A DOLLAR, you say!? Wow!


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