Friday, January 9, 2015

Weekend Cooking

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January 2015 - Las Vegas NV

I seem to have a chocolate fixation here in Las Vegas!!

Click here for some outside photos of Hershey's at New York New York and here.
I posted chocolate from Aria a couple of weeks ago.

Earlier this week I went into Hershey's since we hadn't bought any on our first visit.

The pastry counter was better stocked than the last time, however, I think they are rather pricey.


  1. I'd have a hard time choosing just one, but I can see what you mean by being pricy.

  2. Those look absolutely amazing. I'd have a hard time not coming out of there with one of each!

  3. You're killing me with the sweets! :) BTW: yeah, I know, ideas about alcohol have sure changed since the early days of Hollywood, but still, I found many stories sad rather than entertaining.

  4. How do you NOT weigh 800 pounds? Your food photos always make me drool!

  5. I would imagine there are lots of foods to try in Vegas.They are expensive and I must say large pastries do not appeal to me.

  6. Oh dear, those desserts look absolutely fabulous. And now I MUST have some chocolate...


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