Saturday, January 10, 2015

This Is How We Vegas - Week 4

January 3 - January 9 2015

Click here for a detailed post about the Pioneer Saloon we visited last week.

It is so nice to be back in a condo. Hotels are confining and eating out all day every day gets old very quickly.

We picked up our friends at 10:30, both still under the weather. They had to check out of the Flamingo at 11 and their flight wasn't until 7 PM back to Calgary. After a stop at CVS for cold medicine for the three of them we came back to the condo.

Just some ordinary workers on the job.

I made lunch of chili, salad and fresh bread. We spent the afternoon chatting and watching football.

At 4 we took then to the airport for a teary farewell.

We decided we needed eggs for Sunday's breakfast. 7-11 none, Food for Less none, Terrible's none and I was told "don't nobody got any eggs, lady told her even Von's don't have any". Never one to be deterred we headed over to Silverado Ranch and found an Albertson's which "done did have eggs".

We met up with a friend (complicated relationship - John's niece's ex-boyfriend from when she lived in the UK) Andrew who was visiting the US for Christmas and New Year's with his new GF whom he had met on line. They were spending a few days in LV after a very chilly holiday in Indianapolis and Chicago.  We had drinks, dinner and lots of laughs at Ri Ra in Mandalay Bay.

Sunday was football and a pj day. Omelet, fried mushrooms and bacon for breakfast. Roast chicken, mashed sweet and white potatoes with cheese and brussels sprouts and carrots.

Nothing like home cooking and a sunset!

Monday sunrise.

Monday we lazed around and then went to check out Rick's American Restorations and the Ironworks next door. We waited for the tour for about twenty minutes and then she said it was start in another ten minutes so we didn't bother.

We were going to return something to Fry's but it was busier than before Christmas so we decided we'd come back another day.
Picked up some groceries at Whole Foods.

Dinner in, bliss, hot chicken sandwiches with home made gravy, peas and last night's leftover potatoes.

Tuesday John went to hit golf balls and I went to the Factory Outlets - Tuesday is seniors' day with 10% discount and to get a hair cut. I bought 2 pairs of pants, 3 t-shirts, a scarf and some underwear $145.
It was 21C out today! The plan was to go to the movies later in the afternoon but we both got into our books instead.
Dinner some leftovers.

Wednesday after bacon and eggs for breakfast John went off to golf with a Vegas buddy at Tuscany.
I took the shuttle to Aria, stopped for lunch at Diablo (wings) and then walked to Excalibur to get the shuttle back.
Of course I had my camera with me!

More working folk - all in a day's work in Vegas.

My favourite lady!

A stop for some chocolate. Click here for more photos and here.

When John got home I ran the jacuzzi for him.

Dinner - chicken stew with lots of vegetables. Again, bliss being able to cook.

Thursday we went off to get an oil change. Told you, life is exciting in Vegas.

A stop at TJ Maxx, nada.

Palace Station Casino to check out the trains.

Valet parking at Monte Carlo and a walk over to Fat Burger for lunch. Was a good burger, not memorable, but sitting outside in January is certainly memorable!!

Walking the Strip on a gorgeous sunny day.

More people on the job.

Picked up the car, did some groceries and home for dinner, chicken divan.

Friday and after lunch we headed to the north end of the Strip.
First stop this "gentlemen's" club. More photos to come.


A few more stops and then heading home, stuck in crazy traffic from the CES at the convention centre.

Dinner steak, green peppers, mushrooms and onions!


  1. It is a very weird... very garish city.

  2. I might be going to Vegas in June! Just for a long weekend, nothing too much. I'm going to have to go through all your posts for ideas. None of the people I'm supposed to be going with like gambling, so we all agree that's out, but we have to figure out what we're actually going to do.

    1. We don't gamble either. You will enjoy it. Email me if you want some suggestions.

  3. Very interesting to read about your Las Vegas adventures. ;)


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