Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Travel Photo Thursday

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I am continuing my June wedding theme.
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St. Petersburg Russia
Hong Kong China

November 2007 - Aswan Egypt

We took the train to Aswan where our guide took us to our ship for our cruise down the Nile. He then took us on a walking tour of Aswan and he insisted we meet his friends that were getting married.


  1. I remember Aswan. That's where I picked up the felucca. Loved my trip down the Nile.

  2. You can never fail with wedding photos - they are always of interest and fun to see. Thanks for sharing these.

  3. I know in Asia that White People bring luck on special days like weddings, so just think you were probably thanked for any luck the happy couple had in their life together. :)

  4. I was expecting something more traditional and Egyptian for the wedding clothes. I guess the Western style is popular everywhere.

  5. I recently did a similar post, because I love seeing brides and bridal parties all over the world I didn't see one in Egypt, it!


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