Thursday, June 12, 2014

Friday My Town Shoot Out Jun 13

Jun 13: Scavenger Hunt: High above, Facing Straight and Down Below - Show us these three plains wherever you are. Take a shoot looking up (sky, ceiling, tree branches, etc), then a shot facing straight, and lastly one looking down (earth, grass, floor, etc).

May 2014 - Toronto ON

The area outside Union Station on Front St. is under construction since forever. 
Union Station is Canada's busiest, most important multi-modal passenger transportation hub, a designated National Historic Site and a significant part of Toronto's history and identity. More than a quarter-million people use Union Station daily. The City of Toronto is leading Union Station's revitalization with three objectives: to improve the quality and capacity of pedestrian movement; to restore heritage elements; and to transform Union Station into a major destination for shopping, dining and visiting.

I took these photos standing in the same spot.

High above - the financial district's banking towers.

Facing straight

Down below


  1. Really great spot for the three shots. I like it a lot!

  2. Excellent takes on the area. I remember the chaos there the last time I went through Union.

  3. I just snorted tea. What a great series of shots! Great commentary on the city as well.

    I also like that it was overcast. Too many TO skyscraper photos make it look like it's sunny all the time here. I quite like how the colours of the mirrored windows came out in your photos.

  4. Oh, that's high... Makes the latest "tower of Babel" in my town (twenty-something floors) look tiny :)

  5. Nice pics. I never thought to take all mine from the same spot. Very creative.

  6. Great capture of the ever changing Toronto skyline.


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