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Travel Photo Monday - Tola Nicaragua

Travel Photo Monday

Travel Photo Monday

January 2012 - Tola Nicaragua

Tola, Nicaragua, is located between Lake Nicaragua and the Pacific Coast. It is both the name of a city and of a region. The region extends on the Pacific Coast from Brito Beach, located above San Juan del Sur, to Chacocente, where the Olive Ridley turtles lay their egg.

This area is just being discovered by tourists and investors. While some amenities exist, this is not a heavily commercial area. It is popular for the dramatic coastline and for having some of the best surf beaches in Nicaragua.

Tola was the closest town to our beach house without going into Rivas. It is a pretty little town where we stopped for fruits and vegetables. You can also find most staples in the tiny shops as well. But if you are shopping for meat you need to go into Rivas.

Tola is located at the end of our gravel road which is around 30 km from the house we had rented.

It's hard to remember that it was still the holiday season!

 All the buses stop at the fruit and vegetable stands to stock up
Fruit stands on the left

Our shop for staples - yes that's a pig.

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