Saturday, June 7, 2014


You'll Shoot Your Eye Out 

Let me start by saying my husband LOVES this song and I hate it!!

March 2013 - Sedona AZ


  1. I like the philosophy behind the song - just not a country music fan myself. That is either one big chicken or neat perspective of the camera. I grew up next to a town famous for their poultry so there are large chickens everywhere (including the golf course - which my husband reminds me of all.the.time).

    1. I love country music but this tune just drives me crazy. It is one big chicken in an antique place.

  2. I am not a country girl, either - but it made me think of nice lazy summer nights! Love the chicken!!

  3. Sorry I'm driving you crazy this week...please tell your husband I thank him for his support, haha. But seriously, WHEN would you have ever been able to use a photo of a giant chicken on your blog if it wasn't for me??!!?? :). That is a crazy big Chicken/Rooster. Thanks for joining in at Song-ography.

  4. That's one big chicken! It reminded me that I have a picture of a big chicken floating around somewhere in my archives. Rats, I could have used that. I agree about the song, not my taste.


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