Sunday, June 23, 2013

InSPIREd Sunday

January 2012 - Granada Nicaragua

This beautiful city has quite a few beautiful churches all within walking distance of the Central Park.
There are 6 main churches : the Cathedral, La Merced, Guadalupe, Xalteva, San Francisco and María Auxiliadora.

The Cathedral - The original cathedral was destroyed by fire in 1856. It was rebuilt in 1880 and renovated in 1905.

La Merced - This church was used by Mercedes people. Construction of this church began in 1871 and was finished in January 1783. Its structure is colonial and its doorways are baroque. I am trying to get more information on who the Mercedes people refer to.

The church has a tower which you can climb to have a great viewpoint of Granada.

Guadalupe - Founded in 1624-1626 by Benito de Baltodano monk.The church is situated in the Calzada street (Calle la Calzada) near Nicargua Lake and steps away from our B and;B we stayed in.

Xalteva - this church takes its name from the indigenous settlement where it was built. It was one of the first churches that the Spanish built upon arriving in Central America and the subsequent city was founded around it. The church was reconstructed in 1890, but its exterior today is from 1895.

San Francisco Convent and church - is attached to the church and both structures were first erected in 1525, along with the rest of the city of Granada. It is the oldest church in Central America. 

María Auxiliadora - I only got a couple of photos of this church as we stopped outside it while on a buggy tour.


  1. I love visiting and photographing churches. Yours are beautiful - the Cathedral with its coloured walls, especially. How exciting to go up into bell towers and get views across the city!

  2. Love the colors of the first church.

  3. awesome pics. so many details. love it!!

    thank you for linking up with us at Inspired Sunday. take care. ( :

  4. that yellow church is absolutely beautiful

  5. A fine post of these beautiful and distinctive churches.
    That yellow exterior lights up the skyline to become a remarkable landmark.

  6. What a wonderful collection you have shared this week! I love all of the details and the history. I really liked the shot of the 3 bells.

    Thank you for sharing this week in InSPIREd Sunday!


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