Sunday, March 3, 2013

Blue Monday

This is the old sign from 1957 as the casino has had major renovations done over the last two years and has a new logo. 

A view of the Tropicana on the Las Vegas Strip, May 5, 2008.

Film history - from Wikipedia

  • A scene from Folies Bergere is featured in the 1964 Elvis Presley film Viva Las Vegas.
  • In the 7th James Bond film, Diamonds Are Forever, 007 stays at the hotel Tropicana, claiming it looks "quite comfortable".
  • The Las Vegas sequence of The Godfather was filmed in the Tropicana.
  • The hotel is also referred briefly in The Godfather Part II and a few deleted scenes take place inside the hotel. To avoid copyright issues, the name of the hotel was changed to "Tropigala" during filming, although the original name remained in the final draft of the script.
  • It was featured on the TV Show Charlie's Angels in the episode "Angels In Vegas" in 1978 with Dean Martin guest starring.
  • It was featured on the TV Show Angel in the episode "The House Always Wins" as the casino where the character Lorne had his show.
  • A show was taped here for Malcolm in the Middle in 2003.
  • A two part episode of Designing Women, Season 7, is set here. Anthony meets and marries a showgirl from the Folies Begere.
  • The game shows Dealer's Choice & Las Vegas Gambit were taped here.
  • The first half of the first season of the revival of the game show Let's Make a Deal was being taped here. Hosted by Wayne Brady, it began airing on CBS October 5, 2009.[9] The show moved to Los Angeles during a reconstruction period.


  1. I much prefer the old nostalgic sign!! Very cool blue.

  2. Gee, I think it's the same pretty blue sign.

    Happy Blue Monday, Jackie.

  3. Great shots. I played too. Mine are here and here.


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