Sunday, March 17, 2013

Menu Plan Update - Week 11

We are settled in a condo in Cornville AZ (near Cottonwood) this week. I am happy to be able to cook again and try out some new recipes.
You can see from Week 10's update that we were pretty busy travelling last week and did a lot of eating out.

SUNDAY lazy sunny day but chilly
NEW recipe - homemade guacamole
 Lunch - 
Dinner - roast chicken with broccoli and roast potatoes

MONDAY DH golfed/pool time
Lunch -
Dinner - stuffed green peppers

TUESDAY DH golfed/pool time
Lunch - leftover chicken
Dinner - chicken stew with home made stock from Sunday's meal

WEDNESDAY Montezuma National Park and Historic Cottonwood
Dinner - leftovers

Lunch -  cheese 

FRIDAY moving day to Sedona Pines
Dinner -  cheese and crackers

Lunch -  chili, wings aboard the train
Dinner - stuffed green peppers (leftover and frozen)

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