Saturday, March 9, 2013

Weekend Cooking - Shrimp Bucket

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I remembered eating at The Shrimp Bucket when we were in Mazatlan in 2002. We set out to find it on last Friday. It is their 50th anniversary and my DH was given a t-shirt to commemorate the occasion. It made me laugh as it had a typo "Gril".

In general it is a little overpriced compared to many other places but it is very good.

We had an order of calamari to start and then shared an order of 15 peel and eat shrimp but cooked in garlic butter.
These calamari were so good not like those over battered ones that don't even look like calamari.

We went back a few days later and didn't order any appetizers but the server brought us a complimentary cup of shrimp broth, which we have never had. A little trepidatious since I hadn't tried any fish soups, it was delicious with squeezed lime (as suggested) but a little salty.  I am looking forward to making this myself.
The photo isn't that great as our server had a little difficulty with serving these without spilling and then dropped a cup when clearing the table.

We then had the actual "buckets" of shrimp. There are 12 in a bucket but these are huge shrimps compared to the peel and eat we had last week.

Beer battered



  1. My goodness, that shrimp looks so tasty. I've never had shrimp soup either, very interesting.

  2. Sitting here in Massachusetts with two feet of snow dumped on us yesterday, I'm not just jealous of the food but also of the trip to Mexico! ;)

  3. Okay. I definitely need to get myself somewhere warm and somewhere with shrimp. Yummmmmm

  4. Somewhere warm sounds good but I'll pass on the seafood:(

  5. Oh, doesn't that look fabulous? I'd love all that too. All the lime everywhere looks great as well.


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