Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Travel and Meeting People

One of the great things about travel and blogging is getting to meet other bloggers as we had the honour to do yesterday.
I had been googling Malpica last week after we took a tour on Tuesday. One of the first items to pop up was a blog called The Golden Years and as I read her blog I realized they were right here in Mazatlan.  We exchanged a few emails about the town in general. The more I looked at her photos and read her posts I realized that they hang out at the resort we are staying in Torres Mazatlan.

They are avid RVers and have been coming to Mexico every winter for the last 7 years. They are adventurous travelers who drove all through South America in the 70s with their children.

We met for breakfast on Monday morning and immediately hit it off and departed with promises to keep in touch.


  1. What a fabulous story! I love hearing about bloggers who get to meet for the first time, and in this case you even "just" met them in the blogging world, and the coincidence that they were in the same place as you??? FUN!!!

  2. What an amazing coincidence. That's a great story.


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