Monday, March 18, 2013

Sedona Pines Resort

We moved from HighlandsResort Verde Santa Fe in Cornville AZ to this resort last Friday. It is about fifteen miles from Cornville on the outskirts of Sedona.

The grounds are beautiful and well laid out.

 The resort has everything we like, pool, fitness centre and a bistro.

 I just don't understand why resorts that are not situated within walking distance of anything don't have a small store with the basics. There is another resort right next to us that would also benefit as well as the RVs that are parked on the grounds. The resort that we love in Mazatlan has a small shop that we use often. it is a little more expensive but then you would have to take either a bus or pulmonia 
into town. 

Our one bedroom is much smaller than most we have stayed in. My DH calls it a hobbit house. But it is a standalone cottage with a large deck outside and a hibachi.  There are also communal gas BBQs just down the road.

It is very compact, I miss not having an oven, but I can live without it for a week. It feels like an RV. However, and we haven't done the sales pitch, but their webiste states they are able to offer able to bring luxurious vacation housing design to the market place, for one-half of the price of many competitive vacation ownership options.

Not a bad place to do your laundry!

The weather is amazing the skies at night gorgeous. 

Water runs throughout the grounds.

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