Friday, March 22, 2013

Skywatch Friday

I'm linking up over here today!

I have to share two photos taken in the last week while staying at Sedona Pines Resort.

A sliver of moon taken last Friday.

A rainbow taken last Saturday just before St. Patrick's Day, is there a pot of gold? There is a hint of a second rainbow above it.


  1. Wow! a double rainbow!
    Love the moon too.

  2. Love these pics! Thanks for sharing!
    Beth @ Life on Devils Hollow

  3. Simple, yet elegant photo of the moon- double wishes for the rainbow!

  4. wow is all i can say on the photo of the moon. i've always wanted to take a pic of the moon, but alas, my camera can't handle its beauty. that's why i feel happy and envious when i see photos like this. i'm a moon person. how lucky that you also saw that double rainbow.


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