Saturday, February 2, 2013

Menu Plan Week 5

Another indecisive week for menu planning as we decide what to do. Last week was indecisive but it all came together.

Sunday - Cirque du Soleil Zumanity and overnight stay at New York New York. 

Lunch - homemade chicken soup with noodles
Dinner - out

Monday - Vegas show at V Theater Planet Hollywood
Brunch - Ri Ra Irish Pub in Mandalay Place. My heart be still!! The breakfast menu states black and white pudding Lord help the server if this is not available.

Dinner - is included with our theatre tickets so we're going for Italian.

Tuesday - Valley of Fire depending on the weather. I need blue skies! We decided to just relax and stay in.
Lunch - ??
Dinner - ??

Wednesday - DH golfing
Lunch - leftover pizza
Dinner - spanakopita it's hard coming up with ideas when you don't have your pantry staples. I decided it was silly to buy phyllo pastry that I wouldn't be able to completely use up. Instead we had spaghetti, salad and garlic bread.

Thursday - Fremont Experience with dinner Red Rock Canyon

Appetizers at Red Rock Casino Yard House - ahi tuna (one of my absolute favourite things in the world) and moo shu egg rolls. 
Dinner - Pork chops, beans and mashed potatoes.

Friday - DH golfing
Lunch - mashed potatoes!
Dinner - This week's new recipe Spanish stewed chicken thighs with mashed potatoes was so good it immediately

Saturday - woo hoo picking up friends at the airport who will be staying with us for the night.
Lunch - Starbucks sandwich (1!!) and two cappuccinos $18 yikes!!!
Dinner - Steak and ribs at TGIF Gold Coast.

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