Saturday, February 23, 2013

Menu Plan Update - Week 8

Sunday - Last day in Las Vegas. Packing and afternoon on Strip
Lunch - wings and fries Blondies Planet Hollywood
Dinner - TGIF steak - we had our first meal here when we moved into the condo and have enjoyed almost weekly dinners since December 16 so it seemed fitting to have a last meal here.

Monday - we leave early morning for LA and spend the evening at the airport Hilton
Lunch - Jack in the Box burger - mediocre but we were in bumper to bumper traffic from Vegas to LA. The trip took six hours instead of four.
Dinner - LAX Hilton. Tuna salad and curry chicken.

Tuesday - we fly to Mazatalan
Lunch - aboard Alaska Air, we shared a delicious cheese platter with fruit.
Dinner - Torres Mazatlan restaurant. Shrimps in garlic butter with rice and vegetables.

Will update once we arrive

Wednesday - took the bus ($1 each) to the grocery store Soriana and a cab back ($10)
Lunch - La Palapa restaurant at Torres Mazatlan. Salads
Dinner - rotisserie chicken and salad 

Thursday - lazy day 
Lunch - chicken sandwiches on crossiants
Dinner - beef patties, gravy, potatoes and corn.

Friday - downtown Mazatlan by bus - market and photos
Lunch - calamari and shrimps at The Shrimp Bucket
Dinner - cheese and crackers

Saturday - pool time
 Lunch - club sandwich from Palapa restaurant by the pool - Palapa on the left below.
Dinner - a take on cabbage and sausage stew with chicken. I have homemade stock from Wednesday's chicken. No diced tomatoes available in condo shop so will use just tomato paste.

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