Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gordon Ramsay's Pub and Grill

We're on a mission to eat at all three of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants in Las Vegas, a trifecta of Ramsay.
Last week we ate at Steak in the Paris Casino a very upscale and pricey establishment, worth every penny as far as food and service went.

The final stop will be next week at BurGR in Planet Hollywood!!

Today we went to his Pub and Grill a far more casual venue which recently opened in mid-December 2012.

We ordered from the lunch menu, the only menu presented to us. This has come up in several reviews that there is a grill menu and a lunch menu, and it seems sometimes guests are offered both and sometimes not.
The menus online now state that the grill menu is from 5PM and the pub menu is available from 3PM to midnight.

Gordon’s Pub & Grill is divided into two distinct sections, and that division extends beyond the menus. ”Uniform-wise, the Grill is slightly more proper, while the Pub is a bit more punk,” added Allison, who also designed the uniforms at Gordon Ramsay Steak in the Paris. “The hostess dress is our piece d’resistance. Its newsprint is packed with articles from Gordon’s homeland and history. Some fact, some hilarious fiction, all designed to engage the guest from back to front.

“Studded straps and kilt-pin closures keep the dress hanging on! Guests will find lots of witty gems in the one-of-a-kind newsprint. The hostess even has Zip-It gloves fashioned by glove guru Dorothy Gaspar, who created gloves for Ryan Gosling in ‘Drive’ and Madonna.”

The drinks menu is brought on an iPad and there is an extensive beer selection.

Duck Confit Poutine
hand-cut french fries, duck gravy, duck confit

This was absolutely addictive, with lots of shredded duck meat and the gravy was sensational (I just asked my DH for a word to describe it).  You don't even miss the cheese you would normally get on a poutine, even though I did hear another diner ask for cheese to be added to which the server graciously provided.

Braised Pork Belly Roll
English pea purée, cipollini onion, baby carrots, mustard sauce

I had forgotten that the menu mentioned baby carrots and was a little put off by the tentacle looking dark items on my plate. However, I gamefully cut into them and they were delicious. But oh that pork belly, I had it once before in 2010 on a trip to London and this was far more delightful but two pieces was too much for me (shouldn't have had the poutine).

DH chose from the "swimmers" menu. The broth was amazing, I could have just had that with the fresh bread that was served with it.

PEI Mussels and Clams (photo was taken with phone and flash made it much more yellow than it really was!)
chorizo, caramelized fennel, lemon zest

We decided to share sticky toffee pudding with sweet cream ice cream. We had also had this last week at Steak.


  1. That is one YELLOW dish! Holy cow! Glad you enjoyed the fare.

  2. You get a great lunch deal here at Ramseys's in Claridges hotel. The food is exquisite. When I eventually get to Vegas I know where I'll be heading to eat. Thanks for the info that food looks delectable.

  3. This all looks heavenly! And well worth the visit too, mmmm:)

  4. Your meal looked delicious especially the dessert! I wanted to see/eat at the new LV Gordon Ramsay restaurant but sadly never made it there.


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