Saturday, January 26, 2013

Menu Plan - Week 4

Well we started the week off with leftovers from Saturday  mainly because they are there.
My original plan was to go shopping and get a chicken to roast but since I hadn't decided what we were going to eat the rest of the week there isn't any point in going shopping.

I'm also kinda stumped on a new recipe to try. I could call the loaded baked potatoes a new recipe as it isn't something we have ever had as a stand alone dinner...

Also pretty indecisive as to what we will visit this week.

Sunday - Football and DH nursing a sore throat
Lunch - frozen homemade chicken soup and baguette and cheeses
Dinner - leftover ham, potatoes and cabbage/carrots.

Monday - The Strip after lunch and picking up our show tickets for next week.
Lunch - with friends vacationing in Las Vegas at Gordon Ramsay's BurGR.

Dinner - pizza  too full from a late lunch

Tuesday DH golfing
Lunch - tuna sandwich salad with hard boiled egg
Dinner - roast chicken, roast potatoes and cauliflower the cauliflower looked awful so we went with broccoli.

Wednesday - Valley of Fire it was a little overcast so not great for photos in the desert. Instead we drove to Boulder Dam and then to Boulder City. We hadn't seen the bridge at the Dam as it only opened in 2010 and we have a soft spot for Boulder City. 

In 2006 we drove to Boulder City and when we reached it we looked at each other and said "we've been here before!!" We had been there in 2004 when we went to the Dam.
We stopped into the Boulder Dam Brewery and had a snack of chicken wings.

Lunch - probably out  tuna sandwiches
Dinner - Loaded baked potatoes 

Thursday - Movies DH went golfing as it was a warm but overcast day.
Dinner - chicken pot pie using the leftovers from Tuesday

Friday - Old Las Vegas walking tour  decided instead to pick up our mail and since we were over that way to visit Terrible's, Planet Hollywood and Hooters' Casinos. Then we parked at New York, New York and wandered on that side of the Strip.

Lunch - leftover chicken pot pie.
Dinner - Salmon with homemade mayo-mustard-horseradish sauce  we went to the Gold Coast TGIF for steak.

Saturday - stay at home, movies and surfing.
Lunch - had late big breakfast of sausages, bacon and eggs so we munched on potato chips in the afternoon with coke. Don't judge me!!
Dinner - homemade pizza


  1. What an interesting post! Traveling is fun, can't wait for retirement and we can do more of it! Have joined your blog so I can keep up with your travels!

  2. Interesting to see someone else's menu planning.


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