Saturday, November 6, 2021

This Way to Coffee

September 2021 - Port Stanley ON

November 2021

As of last week Ontario lifted capacity limits in places where proof of vaccination is required including food and drink establishments, indoor areas of sports and recreation facilities, gaming establishments and indoor meeting and event spaces as well as some outdoor settings. City staff are reviewing for what impact it may have on City facilities and activities, including recreation and community centres.
This does not make me happy, I have been very happy not being in crowded places especially in a restaurant. I know it's important for these businesses.

Another rainy Saturday but we were warm and cozy. 
After getting up early on Sunday we spent the day lazing around.
Finally I am tied with John on our year-to-date puzzle average!!

Monday John golfed (it was cold). I was going out but started puttering around doing laundry and such and never did.

Tuesday John booked the golf simulator and I took another pair of pants to be shortened, it's terrible to be short, buy petite pants and still have to pay to get them shortened! 
Then I spent some time in the grocery store at Manulife Centre and finally found a decent sized tamarind. I also bought a jar of hoisin for when I'm too lazy to make it.

Also made a stop in Eataly. I can never find the same things when I go back.

Wednesday John had golf with a frost delay! He took these.

I went to get a haircut on King St.

Then to the Eaton Centre to pick something up for a friend's birthday, prowled the $ store at the Bay Centre, it is a great one. 
Stepped out at Dundas Square.
New benches painted by muralist Hello Kirsten.

Läderach, Swiss chocolatier, new store and only Canadian location in the Eaton Centre.

Really??? Do we need Christmas stuff this early?

A new selfie spot in the Eaton Centre.

Thursday and John cancelled his golf simulator saying he needed a break from golf. We managed to sleep in and lazed around for the morning. Then we headed out on the streetcar along Queen St. West in bright sunshine which quickly disappeared. Our only stop was at the pop up Irish Scottish store to stock up.
My loot!

Friday I headed out my a 10 AM manicure pedicure, right in the neighbourhood.

Gorgeous morning! Bottom of our street, it ends as Lake Ontario.

Our building, in the middle of the photo peeking up behind the tree.

I came back home, had lunch and headed to Longo's for vegetables for the weekend.
Now that the office towers are opening up I cut through the Telus House building (where my cousin works) for the first time in 18 months! Telus House is part of the PATH system so that you can get about without enduring the weather and horrible drivers. I can get off our bus go downstairs at 123 Front St. and go underground for miles, up to the Eaton Centre or south to Harbourfront, I can do all of the financial district as well. I can also board the TTC subway.

There is a photography mural by Michael Awad on display in the lobby.

As a study of how people navigate through a city and interact with it, Michael Awad’s Entire City Project records the physical infrastructure of Toronto and the urban experience of living in it. Awad’s image is stretched and expanded to reach life-size, showing a warped panorama of hectic commuters moving in all directions outside of Union Station. While the distortions may seem odd, they certainly lend a sense of urgency and energy to the piece.

I have never really been able to get a good photo of the sparkling lights in the lobby. It is known as Pixel Matrix, a collaboration with the multimedia artist David Rokeby, is like being inside a gigantic shifting Lite-Brite.

What a surprise as I left the Telus building into Maple Leaf Square to see the 

I was heading to Longo's where I like to shop. It is in the middle of the photo where that white truck is parked. On my right is Telus House and my left is Scotiabank Arena.

The Raptors had a basketball game tonight. Now that sporting venues are allowed to be at full capacity this was the sign to get into Scotiabank Arena.

The clocks fall back this coming weekend.


I watched a 3 part BBC series Capital and wish there was more. It is based on a novel by John Lancaster. This article in The Guardian sums it up perfectly.
The story is primarily told through three families: an upper class couple with two young children, a middle eastern family that owns the small neighborhood market, and an elderly widow, Petunia. Also important to the plot are Petunia’s daughter and adult grandson, a local contractor, and a meter maid from Africa, who is working in England illegally.
The diversity among class and race is obvious and intentional.

I also watched ITV Flesh and Blood on Prime.

I started The Forsyte Saga from 2002-2003. Fun seeing Damian Lewis in this.

I am also keeping up with the weekly episodes of The Great Canadian Bake Off and A Suitable Boy.

I generally watch my shows on my laptop in the kitchen as I prepare dinners with my knitting so I need shows that don't require my full attention as I chop and stir, empty/load dishwasher, run noisy appliances and knit!

We've lost interest 4400 after a couple of episodes. It is convoluted, boring and just plain awful acting.
The Lost Symbol is losing me as well, a pity since the book was good.

We started a BBC series The Suspects, a police procedural.


Saturday BBQ chicken quarters roast potatoes carrots, waiting to go into the oven.

Sunday ham, mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts

Monday chili and soda bread

Tuesday roast pork, roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts and carrots

Wednesday shrimps a la diabla with salad. First time using this recipe and it was good. I used one jalapeno and it wasn't hot enough for us so we added hot sauce and that made the difference.

Thursday rogan josh lamb curry This turned out really well, the sauce was delicious it just wasn't as hot curry flavour as we like. I am going to borrow The Curry Guy's cookbook from the library again, I won't buy it at $50!!

Friday steak and loaded baked potato but I used spinach instead as the broccolini I had looked like it was way passed its prime and I had just bought the spinach!!! This was lauded as my best loaded baked yet by both of us as it had such a great crispy skin. I didn't wrap the potatoes in foil as I usually do and I tossed the potatoes in salt and butter before baking.


I read The 57 Bus, a true story of two teenagers and the crime that changed their lives. Blew me away!
The 57 Bus is narrative nonfiction that tells the true story of an agender teen, Sasha, who rode the 57 bus home every day. One day, on that bus, three teen boys are being obnoxious jerks and Richard takes a lighter to Sasha’s skirts and seems surprised when it goes up in flames. The remainder of the story discusses Sasha’s recovery and the court case surrounding Richard. It’s a remarkable story about identity, choices, consequences and, in the end, forgiveness.

Next up continued on the issue of rising hate crimes, this time in the UK where there is a big problem of growing white supremacy groups, which is totally appalling to me.
Dead Souls by Angela Marsons, she has an uncanny way of showing us the horrors of daily racism that non-white, non-straight people endure everyday.


  1. Ontario is beautiful, thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures

  2. I love all the signs of fall! Beautiful photos. Yay on catching up John! I remember loving The Forsyte Saga show. You sound like us -- always adding an extra jalapeño or making sure to use a hot curry blend. The 57 Bus sounds intense.

  3. I always love your weekend review, but of course, you had me at coffee and ended making me realize how very hungry I am right now. Beautiful sculpture and bench murals, too. Loved the selfie spot and I am sort of ready to see Christmas in the shopping centers. Loved seeing where you live and the beauty of the autumn leaves in your area, Jackie.

  4. Interesting murals!

    best... mae at

  5. I never golf.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  6. Another lovely visit to Toronto through your eyes. Thank you!

  7. I've got The 57 Bus waiting on my kindle... hope I can get to it before too much longer. Loved The Forsyte Saga!! My daughter and I keep saying it's time to watch it again.

  8. Beautiful Fall colours and your menu plan sounds delicious. Thank you for linking up with #weekendcoffeeshare.

  9. I just read a review written by AJ (of Read All the Things) of 57 Bus. She was a bit disappointed with the book. She felt like it was too drawn out. Glad you enjoyed it!

    Now that I've had my booster, I feel like I'm going to try for a bit more normalcy this week. Hopefully back to my meditation class and the Y. I am sure you have mixed feelings about being around more people.

    We've been watching the Stanley Tucci show about Italian food. We're trying not to go too fast through it.

  10. Wow I'd love to visit Ontario. How beautiful. I visited Eataly in NYC, loved it especially because my moms side of the family is italian. I just noticed above Deb mentioned the Stanley Tucci show. I just started watching it as well. Love your photos and updates.


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