Saturday, November 20, 2021

Sunny Morning

The Queensway, Toronto ON

It was one of those quiet weeks. We didn't get out very much. House stuff got done, rearranging plants and all the usual chores. The charity bag continues to get fuller.
The winter coats got need to be moved to the front closet.

I forgot to mention John was gifted this when he got the snow tires put on last week at the dealership.

Our toaster died so John ordered a new one using credit card points.

We went to Leon's and Homesense. Our living room lamp is starting to flicker, John has tried changing the bulbs but to no avail. 
I did pick up a plant basket and another set of bath sheets.
We are kind of in the market for a new stand up freezer, ours is almost ten years old, is not frost-free and the plastic doors are all cracking and difficult to open. We're not in any hurry and didn't see anything that interested us.
We also stopped in to Loew's and Bed Bath and Beyond without getting anything.

We did go to Burger's Priest for lunch and chose to eat inside after showing our vax pass and ID. Always good!

Thursday I went to Farm Boy, Winners and $ store at College Park.

Friday John did a fruit and vegetable run to Lanzarota. Prices are climbing like crazy! A bag of romaine hearts $6.95!
I am almost finished knitting my sweater!!
I am so excited that an Frida Immersive Dream is coming to Toronto!
On the subject of Frida, her self-portrait "Diego and I" sold for $34.9 millionI" at auction this week!


Recipes I plan to try this week 

Seafood cioppino instead of our usual fish chowder ✅

Saturday mushroom Bolognese with spaghetti and Caesar salad
Sunday Korean chicken skewers (link above) with a modified Asian salad. The chicken skewers were good, I did them in the oven. I thought the glaze could have been thicker.
Monday lamb chops first time using this recipe, colcannon and maple carrots.

I baked a gingerbread with crystalized ginger -new recipe. This tended to break up when we sliced it, but I have been reading a gluten free bread cookbook this week and it mentions if you take the bread out of the loaf pan too early your bread will break up.
Tuesday salad - romaine ham tomatoes hardboiled eggs cheese red onions nuts and berries salad topper
Wednesday seafood cioppino (link above), I didn't have any fennel but did have fennel seeds. It was very good, a nice change from our usual fish chowder.
Thursday chips (fries) fried eggs, fried tomatoes and beans
Friday Porterhouse steak with sauteed cabbage bok choy onions and mushrooms.

I baked cinnamon mini donuts and then went looking for copycat timbits recipe.


I finished The Forsyte Saga and was not quite satisfied with the ending.
I discovered  finished Grantchester seasons 4 - 6 now on Prime PBS! I must say I thought the transitioning to a new vicar (spoiler alert) was very well done. Outlander's Tom Brittney is very easy on the eyes! As I watched more I have come to prefer the new vicar and his steadfastness unlike Sydney's flapping around like a chicken. The storylines have become much more interesting and now I need another season!
Mrs. Chapman's behaviour (no spoiler) has disappointed me turnaround was impressive.

I started an Australian series 2013 The Time of Our Lives, perfect for when I am in the kitchen.

We continued with Yellowstone.
Watched Yellowjackets - Pilot and thought it was good, think all-female Lord of the Flies. 
It's odd watching these an episode at a time instead of bingeing.

We watched the 2 hour Adele special/promotion in one hour thanks to the PVR, There were so many commercials and we weren't interested in the Oprah interview. Adele was amazing and the stately backdrop of the Griffith Observatory was stunning.

Season 5 of Suspects turned out to be very riveting.

Tuesday was a dark rainy afternoon so we had a movie afternoon.

Just Mercy 2019 is a biographical legal drama which we both enjoyed.

Jump, Darling 2020 is a Canadian drama starring Cloris Leachman in one of her last roles before she died in 2021. A rookie drag queen, reeling from a breakup, returns to his aging grandmother's home in Prince Edward County in Ontario.


I have never thought to read children or YA books, but based on the number of bloggers who do I tried some and enjoyed them.

Gluten-Free Bread Cookbook was a very good guide. I found more tips than most.
However most of her recipes use multiple flours and I didn't find any recipes that jumped out at me.
Gluten-Free Wish List cookbook - this book has pages and pages of information about gluten-free baking ingredients required as well as the equipment she uses.
Art of Gluten-Free Baking author's website - all the recipes can be found on her site.
I might need to buy some more baking pans!

I am still reading Shoot the Moonlight Out which deserves my full attention.


  1. I love spicy ginger dipped in chocolate. I perfected a pizza this week with chorizo, tator tots and corn, with a chipotle drizzle.

  2. I enjoyed the "sofa" distancing sign, here in Montana we use cows, LOl! Have a great week ahead, you are quite busy with the schedule you shared.

  3. Your baking looks delicious! I have lamb chops in the freezer; we usually grill them, but good to have an indoor recipe in my pocket too. You have watched so much great TV lately. I just told Mr. BFR the other day that I want to finish the wrap I'm knitting by the end of the year and plan to binge watch TV while knitting. Now I have several shows to add to my knitting/watch list.

  4. Love your Saturday posts. So much meat (ha!) to chew on. I used an old meatloaf recipe this week, very basic and substituted rice for the breadcrumbs for GF Daughter and it was stunning. I substituted a cherished pot of Irish Chili sauce for the BBQ sauce. Best ever.
    Finished "Hostage" found it too long and plotholeish - Major 1: allowing her to still be involved with the plane when it was revealed she was an accomplice.



  5. Suspects sounds good, we are just getting to the third season of New Amsterdam. Love your weekly menu and the baking has me hungry.

  6. Prices are rising here too- but 6.95 for a bag of Romaine hearts is very expensive. I noticed that a jar of salsa that was 1.35 last year was 2.39 today for the same jar. We also are starting to notice that shelves are bare of certain items. Those cinnamon biscuits look really delicious.

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your baking. I am always amazed at how much others bake, and you certainly seem to enjoy it. Your banana cream cheese loaves sound great. I must check out the recipe. Of course, anything with cinnamon sounds good to me (like the donuts).

    I'm a HUGE fan of Grantchester and have watched it from Day 1. Sydney was great in the beginning, but in the end, things seemed to fall apart. I didn't especially like how they ended Sydney leaving the show, but I agree that Will is a much better and more understanding vicar. This season was a bit dark, I thought, but I like how they called attention to Leonard and his plight. Finally, Mrs. C has come around to accepting the fact that Leonard is gay, but she sure doesn't care for the new curate. I understand that Season 7 is in production, and I can't wait to see what transpires next, especially between Leonard and Daniel.

    1. It just boggles the mind that he is in jail for something that is no longer a crime.

  8. I wonder if the bad weather in BC will have sent prices of fruit and vegetables up?
    I know we watched Time of our Lives but I can barely remember it even after watching a trailer.
    Jump, Darling sounds interesting.

    1. Seems most of our fruits and vegetables come from Mexico!
      Time of our Lives is not very memorable, but it passes the time in the kitchen or when I am knitting and don't need to concentrate on a plot line.

  9. Frida Kohler is one of my favorite artist. I also like Leonora Carrington.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. Carrington is a favourite of mine. There are many of her works on the streets of Guanajuato Mexico.
      I wrote a post here.

  10. We like ginger flavours too. I have my eye on a new recipe to try soon for Gingerbread cake.

  11. Children's books and YA books get to the point of things. It's really nice to read these, especially when you are reading something complex and might need more information. Plus: illustrations!

    When I bought a case for my new phone, I was given a charger as a bonus. I wonder why these are bonuses now.

    Oh, banana cream cheese loaves! I have never tried anything like that, though I do have a great pumpkin cream cheese bread recipe.

  12. One can never have too many baking pans. I told my daughter this morning while baking scones that I wanted to buy a pan especially for scones, but she said that I could not get that! LOL.

  13. Mmm . . . cinnamon doughnuts. I want one. I hope you have a great week!

  14. I'm a new reader. I just checked and Jump, Darling is not on either of the streaming services I use. I'll keep looking for it. Thanks for the recommendation.

  15. Never thought of using cream cheese with banana before. Great idea!

  16. My daughter and I were obsessed with The Forsyte Saga when it originally aired... can't remember the ending for the life of me though! The book, no surprise, was even better. I think it's a 12 novel series and the TV show covers the first three. Since I only read those first three, every year around this time I toy with making a project of reading one book a month the following year.

  17. I hear ya about rising prices. Just placed the grocery order and I'm like "(American) Thanksgiving dinner used to be a cheap meal to make! How is my total so high and didn't even include a turkey???" (I plan to just buy some turkey thighs since it's just two of us but haven't found any yet.)

    The Time of Our Lives sounds like my cup of tea. Looks like I can watch it on Amazon Prime?

    Somehow I missed the Adele special but imagine I can find it somewhere. Thank you, internet.

    I've seen the first episode of Yellowjackets and it's hard for me to keep track of who is who, adult vs teen. But I finally started recognizing who was who in that German series, Dark, so if it was possible with that show, it's possible with any show. lol I agree it feels weird to watch the episodes one by one vs bingeing them.

    Congrats on almost finishing your sweater and on the Frida exhibit coming your way!

  18. Your baking looks so good. Thank you for linking up with #weekendcoffeeshare.


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