Saturday, November 13, 2021


Lovejoy Cafe Financial District Toronto

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned to John that the weather stripping around the front door needed replacing. He went off to Lowe's and bought some. Then I said why don't I place a work order, perhaps the condo takes care of it. I placed a work order thinking the answer would be that it was our responsibility. Lo and behold there was knock on the door (never happens) and it was Manuel saying he had a work order for weather stripping, he replaced it! So a saving of $35 when John returns it!

Saturday I repotted a bunch of plants, they had graduated to larger pots, some I put together in a bigger pot, some were rootings that I planted and one plant needed cutting back so more rootings. Now I have two smaller pots that need new plants!

We had to empty the china cabinets in preparation for Monday's installation of a bar cabinet. One thing leads to another and we needed to make room in the pantry for a set of dishes. Typically there were two open bottles of stain remover that got combined, a floor cleaner we don't need (floors replaced last year) discarded. Then a bunch of things/bags got taken to the locker downstairs. John now says there's is lots in the locker we should get rid of as well.

Cabinets emptied and will be picked up on Friday.

Sunday - Love this time change, slept in and yet it was only 8:30 when we got up!
Got a load of laundry done.

It was such a gorgeous day I managed to get 3 PM timed entry tickets to McMichael Canadian Art Gallery

Before we headed there I wanted to check out some murals. You can see more of them next Monday.
A former GTA Walmart is now covered in 30,000 sq ft of murals.
Real estate investment company SmartCentres has taken over the space and transformed it into their newest project called ArtWalk. The outside of the now out-of-use warehouse is coated in colourful murals from four artists who each designed and painted one side of the building.

John laughed and said "it is sad when he even knows that this is a Birdo"!

I let John take the photos along this back lane full of puddles!

Once we paid $7 to park (pet peeve), we realized that we really didn't have to pay to see the outdoor displays which was my plan as it was such a gorgeous day!
But we had to go to the bathroom so we went inside, had our vaccine passports checked and then went outside.

Through a network of outdoor paths and hiking trails through natural stands of maple, oak and pine, visitors can explore the Ivan Eyre Sculpture Garden, a series of installations and outdoor sculptures, the Tom Thomson shack, as well as the McMichael Cemetery where six Group of Seven members as well as gallery founders Robert and Signe McMichael have been laid to rest.

Click here for my detailed post of the exhibits of stunning sculptures.



On the grounds outside.

By the door.
Pauta Saila (1916 – 2009), Polar Bear, 1967
Limestone, Gift of City of Toronto

Having carved numerous Arctic animal forms, the artist chose to focus on the bear as his primary subject. His approach emphasizes the mass of the form while maintaining sensitivity to detail in describing movement which illustrates the animal’s hunt for food. With his mastery of execution and simplification of forms, Pauta Saila conveys a sense of the presence of the creatures as well as the drama that is being enacted in nature.

We had time and had paid to see the gallery so we went inside and saw The Group of Seven exhibit.

"Where Cultures Meet." In this totem pole commissioned by the McMichael, artist Don Yeomans gave the Eagle, Raven, and Frog (three crests that represent the Haida people) a cellphone, laptop and iPod because he feels "they are as much a part of contemporary Haida life as they are in any culture. It is on the electronic playground that all cultures meet."

Group of Seven

Not a painting - taken from inside the gallery, the grounds are gorgeous.

I much preferred the work of Margaux Williamson, click here to see more.

Built of fieldstone and hand-hewn logs in a modernist design, the McMichael houses thirteen exhibition galleries where floor-to-ceiling windows enable visitors to enjoy views of the densely wooded Humber River Valley.

I tried to get a shot of the fingernail moon.

Monday was another gorgeous day and John headed to golf while I waited for the installation guys. They were great, two young guys.

Bar top

Although we ordered this in July and it was finally installed today the doors and the lights are still on back order and should be here on December 10.
No easy feat getting this attached to a cement wall.

Remember the doors and lights still need to be installed.

When they were finished I started putting the bottles into the drawers.

John was absolutely thrilled with it, he had been worried about how it would work out.

Tuesday I had planned on going out but got lazy and stayed in. We started putting things back into place.

Wednesday I was up this early at stupid o'clock.

7 AM traffic heading into the city.

John was golfing so I spent the day with my BFF, shopping, naturally!
Thought this was cute!

Got a door mat and a silver tray for the bar.
Also this clock. Why a pic of the price? Because as I was paying I was shocked to see it ring up as $62, so I paid and then went back to check what I thought was the price $32. Back to the cash and got a refund.

Some photos from the golf course.


Waiting for the subway.

Friday morning 1-800-GOTJUNK came and picked up the two cabinets above and this one.

John had to take the car in to the dealership to get the snow tires on. I took the Queen St. bus (streetcar replacement) and it was a glorious day to wander. I went to my favourite plant shop at Queen and Bathurst. Then into Joe Fresh and Winners. Then I debated whether I should walk down to our shuttle bus or wander along Queen and catch the bus back. Decided to stroll along Queen.

It started to rain and then it came down in buckets!

I found a doorway by the bus stop as it poured, no bus coming for ages. The rain started letting up and still no east bound bus, decided I may as well cross and get the west bound bus and get the shuttle. Figuring if it was going to continue to rain I may as well get our shuttle that takes me to my door!

Queen St. West  and the sun came out but no bus in sight. Instead I walked down Bathurst and took the King streetcar and got the shuttle home.

Walking down Bathurst and the Sweaters and Snowflakes Holiday pop up is getting set up.


Crazy weather on the bus home.

Home and a video cocktail call with John's son.

Saturday homemade pizza

Sunday turkey breast with colcannon and sprouts. I've never bought a prepared turkey like this. It was quite good. I thought it would stretch to 3 meals for us but it did two meals and a lunch.

Monday chicken thighs stuffed with spinach and cream cheese with leftover colcannon, carrots and sprouts.

Tuesday hot turkey (leftover) sandwiches, peas corn. I did make my own turkey gravy for the sandwiches.
I had also made tomato soup for lunch.

Wednesday chicken wings and fries.

Thursday garlic butter shrimp and Caesar salad.

Friday steak with green peppers, onions and mushrooms.


Started watching season 4 of Yellowstone.


Read another Angela Marson book Blood Lines.
Based on a book blogger I started reading Shoot the Moonlight Out.


  1. Good job on your plants. I love the shots of the murals, sculptures, and fall scenery. Amazing sky shots too. Love your new bar, can't wait to see it with the doors and lights.

    I've been having a craving for pizza, but am trying to wait until after the U.S. Thanksgiving. Maybe a turkey pizza?? I keep meaning to give Yellowstone a try.

  2. Love that Remembrance Day Poppy! Yellowstone films in our area of Montana, but we have yet to watch it...Great photos as always.

  3. Your cityscape photos are amazing! (so are your other photos). Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Wow, your plants look really happy. I loved the museum trip and all the sculptures. It was the perfect time to visit, even if you had top pay for parking, also a pet peeve of mine, too.

    It really, really, really rained, didn't it. So enjoyed the murals and of course the Remembrance Day poppies. Nice wrap up of your week. I get depressed seeing how much you do each week and how little I do (grin)!

  5. Wow that big mural, 30K sq ft.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  6. McMichael art galleries and the grounds are beautiful. Looks like 'rush hour' traffic is back. Thank you for your #weekendcoffeeshare.

  7. I've seen a Saila sculpture here. Also a bear.

  8. Love your plants, fall colors and sculptures iin the park! Glad that weatherstripping was don by work order--very convenient!

  9. The sculpture garden is my favorite spot you visited last week. I remember visiting one in Dallas...I'd love to go visit it again.

    Bet you are going to enjoy your new cabinet. Glad everything fit so well.

    My son and his wife love Yellowstone. They are always talking about it.

  10. Group of Seven - Love those figures in a boat!
    Love your plaid doormat!
    I like the idea of a liquor DRAWER. All of our bottles are crammed into a cabinet and it's a pain to rummage around to find the bottle you want.


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