Friday, November 26, 2021

Weekend Roundup

 Welcome to The Weekend Roundup...hosted by Tom The Back Roads Traveler

1. Starts with "V"
2. A Favorite
3.VALLEY chosen by Tom

Starts with "V"
Do I get bonus points for a V on the license plate?
The origin of the name Virginville is obscure. Some say it is the English translation of a Native American word, while others believe the community was named for virgin forests in the area. "Virgin" may be an alternate translation of the Indian-named Maiden Creek, which runs through the town.


Hollywood CA

VALLEY of the Queens Egypt

Déjà Brew
A catchall for leftover beer, coffee, food, motels and whatever catches my fancy!

Hawker South Australia we stopped for lunch on our way to Wilpena Pound.


  1. Definitively a bonus, the number plate!
    I just cannot imagine how the Valley´d looked like back in the day.
    Wilpena Pound :-) Loooong ago. 1995!

  2. I think you've seen far more of inland Australia than I have.

    1. I would like to see a lot more and spend more time in Melbourne!

  3. Egypt is definitely on my bucket list of places to visit

  4. Well done for letter "M"
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  5. An excellent image to include - VALLEY of the Queens Egypt. Have a great weekend.

  6. Yes, Jackie, in my book you have a lot of "bonus points "
    but you don't really need them, your pictures are always
    at the top of the class.

  7. Hi Jackie, Nice "V" photos, I never think to look for signs that begin with the letter of the week. I've always enjoyed visiting Pennsylvania. It's a beautiful state with many Valleys, too. I lived in Butler, PA for four years back in the 60's. Made a lot of friends that I am still in touch with. Have a nice week.


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