Saturday, August 21, 2021

Saturday Sculpture

 August 2021 - St. Thomas ON

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Veterans Memorial Garden Brings Together Great War, WWII Korea and Afghanistan Memorials.

Unveiled in 2017 this monument commemorates members of the Canadian Armed Forces who served in Afghanistan. It was created by Sudbury artist Tyler Fauvelle.
He specializes in creating bronze statues that pay tribute to Canada's military history.

A field of poppies graces the back wall and serves as the perfect backdrop to Veterans' Memorial Garden across the tracks.
The approximately 2,500-square-foot mural is the creation of London-based artist Andrew Lewis.


  1. Wonderful memorial. The soldiers look realistic, noble. I've been thinking a lot of the soldiers in Afghanistan this week.

    Thanks for joining the challenge. See the link for yours and others here:

  2. We have a similar war memorial park here in Wichita. I LOVE the poppy mural, Jackie. It is a real beauty.

  3. Those are lovely memorials. Glad you shared the photos.

  4. Impressive poppy mural and love the statues too. Great tribute.


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