Saturday, July 17, 2021

Art Square

July 2021 - Toronto ON

Dundas St. West Toronto

We have entered Stage 3 this week and valet service is now restored in our building for residents only at the moment. Building amenities are opening such as the pool, gym,library.

My favourite Stage 3 City rule:
Bathhouses and sex clubs can also operate at up to 25 per cent capacity for indoor events. Patrons must also keep a distance of two metres “except when physical distancing cannot be maintained while participating in the activities for which patrons normally frequent such an establishment,” the rules state. Similar rules apply to patrons for mask usage.

Sign at a local strip club it also says No vaccine No entry:

No point in going anywhere last weekend as the Gardiner was closed for repairs. No problem, we don't usually venture out on weekends. But it was so quiet! Saturday was a gorgeous day after all that rain and I even sat on the balcony. Sunday was another washout.

Monday we tidied up as we had a designer coming to look at the bar area we want to install. We came up with a plan, and install dates are booking out in November thanks to the lockdowns.

Tuesday John headed out with a friend for their annual Wooden Sticks golf day with dinner included.
 I had a haircut booked WOO HOO! I had time to kill before my appointment and wandered underground in the financial district. You can feel it coming back to life, although the big banks have not yet announced when they will reopen their towers to staff. Smaller firms are slowing allowing workers back.

I had a great time catching up with my stylist after eight 8 months!! They have not been allowed to open since last November. Even now, since the office towers are not yet back to work (they are in the heart of the financial district) they are only working four hours a day per stylist, closing early and no Sunday opening.
From there I headed to the Eaton Centre to Bed and Bath Works to stock up.

I also went to some other stores, nothing bought, and stocked up on truffles at Lindt. While I waited for the bus I had a Frappuccino at Starbucks on the patio, the skies opened but the rain passed quickly. John got it on the golf course but they were told to return to the club house, it passed quickly as well.

Wednesday we had plans to head out at 10:30. I had it in my head to check with John that his license sticker hadn't expired. Since the pandemic started they have stopped sending out notices. Sure enough it was March 2021, oooops. So we came back up and he renewed online. Then the printer wouldn't print so we put it on a USB key and took it to the shop downstairs and had it printed in case he is stopped.
By then it was 11:30 and traffic was bumper to bumper on the DVP so we said screw that and drove back to the west end. We stopped for gas, had a burger at Burger's Priest, went for fruits and vegetables (bonus it was seniors' day) at Lanzarotta's, not impressed with their prices lately and they weren't carrying a lot of local produce! 
And picked up John's latest Scotch of the Month from the post office.

John had a parcel at the loading dock, an early birthday present for me us. Engraved brandy glasses.

John's weekly golf was moved to Thursday. 

Gorgeous colourful outfit outside Union.

I went to Collage Park, Winners and Farm Boy. Produce was all local and prices were great.

Had to buy these colourful scallions!

Friday John also golfed. I decided to go to Kensington Market. 
Union Station food court was open!

Mask of the Day Award.

Chinatown - Dundas St. West

Construction hoarding on Dundas West.

Javid Jah

Never knew there was a city pool right here on Dundas.

Housed in retrofitted shipping containers, Market 707 is Toronto’s most unique street food and retail market. This space brings together local entrepreneurs serving up more than 10 types of delicious international street food, along with unique goods and services to create an urban food and shopping environment unlike any other. 

First day of indoor dining and Kensington Market was gearing.

Yet another cannabis shop. I featured the Elicser mural on the inside wall here.
This was Zimmerman's Fairland grocery store opened in 1953 and now Kensington Market's first (but not last) legal dispensary.

Ozzy's Burgers.

Funny votive candles in Blue Banana.

I will definitely be trying this place out!

St. Andrew St. I've never walked down.

Anshei Minsk (formally Beth Israel Anshei Minsk, informally the Minsk) is a synagogue in the Kensington Market neighbourhood. It was founded in 1912 by poor Jewish immigrants from what is now Belarus (mostly Minsk), which at the time was part of the Russian Empire. The current Byzantine Revival building was completed in 1930.

The congregation has had only three full-time rabbis: Meyer Levy (1916–1921), Meyer Zimmerman (1940–1954), and Shmuel Spero, who has served from 1988 to the present. It is the only Orthodox synagogue in Downtown Toronto with a full-time rabbi, and the only one that holds daily services.

Another mention of a Zimmerman? A relation?

Interesting house on St. Andrew with gorgeous gardens.

Chinatown busker.

At Spadina and King, part of the Scotiabank CONTACT exhibit.

Exploring questions of race, gender, culture, class, and their complex intersections, Frida Orupabo fuses together varied sources of archival materials to question colonial and modern representations of Black womanhood. Positioned on the façade of a Victorian-era building, monumental images by the Oslo-based, Nigerian Norwegian artist portray Black women’s bodies as sites of knowledge and empowerment.


I chose the Spiced Mule from the LCBO early summer magazine. This was very tasty.


Saturday easy mozzarella chicken with penne and fried mushrooms.

Sunday coconut shrimp, calamari,  ordered Swiss Chalet chicken.

Monday Asian lemon chicken  slow cooker beef stew

Tuesday John had dinner at the golf course.

While I had a pork chop with carrots and turnips.

Wednesday I tried firecracker shrimp with salad since we had burgers at lunch. I went a little overboard with the siracha as I was thinking it was the chili sauce. Definitely a keeper as John said. 

Thursday doner kabab I used veal and we had pita, Farm Boy tzatziki (good but not as good as I gave at the Market), tomatoes, onions and lettuce. And hot sauce!

Friday steak and loaded baked potato. But the potatoes were still a little hard so we chopped them up on a baking sheet and mixed them with the broccolini, sour cream, butter, scallions and cheese and it worked well.  


Masterchef Australia 2021 - WOW I didn't see that ending coming! They were all incredible. Congrats to Justin!

We went back to The Underground Railway.

I finished Mad Men.


Vikram Vij (born 1964) is an Indian-born Canadian chef, cookbook author, and television personality with restaurants in Vancouver BC.
He mentions panch poran just as The Curry Guy did this week so I will definitely require a trip to India Town.

On my phone The Missing Hours, turned out to be a really good read with lots of twists and turns I didn't see coming.

On my tablet Exit, intriguing subject. I had read an earlier book dealing with the same subject, helping people die, but this was much better.


  1. Wonderful murals this week! Also, the bathhouse distancing rules are most delicately phrased, as you point out.

    best... mae at

  2. So far here I haven't seen any "no vax no entry" signs but I suspect it'll happen in time.

  3. Paranoid is a show stopper of a name for a shop.

  4. It been a while since I had turnips. In pass I have even ate them as an apple. I like a good Scotch Whiskey.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  5. Snort at bathhouse rules.
    The 'No vax, no entry' is interesting. Here the business could be targeted by anti vaxxers.
    I can see potential for great confusion with your brandy glasses.

    1. Or you could say that we can't mix up our glasses!

  6. I agree that the end of Masterchef was a surprise but I ws actually quite happy with the result, and I have loved following all the finalists Instagram feeds.

  7. As always, I live vicariously through your mouthwatering and adventures in Toronto posts.
    Made a note of the book rec.


    1. WWW, so glad you are enjoying your virtual wanderings around Toronto.

  8. Love your colorful photos, especially of those repurposed shipping containers! I would have had a hard time picking from that grilled cheese board -- all grilled cheese is good!

  9. So many interesting photos, makes me want to come for a visit in your town when Covid is over. I love small restaurants that are just a tad little bit obscure. Thanks for the coffee.

  10. The stripi club signs are funny. Glad you were able to get a haircut. Mine is so long now and I usually bun it up but one of these days....I am getting it chopped.
    We saw all of Mad Men and liked it excpet for one season that seemed to drag. Love the ending.

  11. It almost feels like you are back to normal in Toronto. I'm so glad that you were able to pop about and stock up on lotions and truffles. I have spent quite a bit of money over the last month, but I justify it by reminding myself that I spent almost nothing last year.

    The votive candles are delightful. Love seeing the oxymorons, too. And the murals are always pure eye-candy for me.

    I hope all will continue to go well in your city as more and more people are fully vaccinated and the virus is put in its place.

  12. I love Bath & Body Works! I also love murals and those are very pretty. I agree with Cecelia, all grilled cheese is good :)

    I hope you have a great week!

  13. Hooray for a haircut!! I was thrilled to finally visit my stylist in April. Your photos are so colorful, as always, and so much fun to look at.

  14. I love the little food restaurants in shipping containers and that spiced mule sounds delicious!!!

  15. Your photos are so amazing! Today sees the lifting of all restrictions (other than on travelling to certain countries) in England. I will probably still wear a mask in busy places - I just hope we don't regret this decision. Have a good week.

  16. Yay for haircuts! I finally went a couple of weeks ago. So interesting that that synagogue has had only 3 rabbis. Wow. Love it that everything is slowly opening up ... still we're being very cautious.

  17. Oh, meant to say I love your new engraved glasses.

  18. Market 707 and that neighborhood look so cool! I live in a dumpy rural town in Southern Ohio-it's great to see color!


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