Monday, February 8, 2021

Monday Mural

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January 2021 - Hamilton ON

Continuing with the Hamilton murals we found last week.

Burnt Toast Creative’s signature doodle pieces can be found across Hamilton and around the world. Scott Martin is the talented artist behind these colourful works and has done illustrations for brands like Dropbox, Facebook and Samsung. This popular piece featuring marshmallow clouds and a cartoon figure sitting on a hand was Martin’s contribution to the 2019 Concrete Canvas Festival.

You’ll find this piece by local tattoo and multimedia artist Jordan Warmington, at one of the busiest intersections in the city. This jazzy design is meant to entertain people passing this busy corner or waiting at the light. The local artist was inspired by one of his favourite illustrators, Robert Crumb and his famous “Keep on Truckin” illustration.

Scott McDonald

Scott McDonald's mural of Hamilton Ticats football legend Angelo Mosca.

No idea who painted it.

These three were painted on the same wall. Just to the right you can see the #BLM mural that I posted last week.

Mural by Lester Coloma


  1. ...Jackie, once again you have come up with a wonderful collection.

  2. Great collection Jackie. I quite like the bird and Keep on trucking one. Thanks for participating in Monday Murals.

  3. That is quite an assortment of murals in all kinds of styles. I love that elephant on the bike.
    P.S. That's a great header photo!

  4. It is probably 40 years since I have been to Hamilton. I've missed a lot.

  5. Fantastic collection of murals. I love your new header, very nice!

  6. I was intrigued that you found so many of these beauties all in the same area. So different, yet all livened up the area.

  7. Such a rich collection of mural. You found some really good ones. :)


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