Saturday, February 20, 2021

Flying Saucer

Boulder City NV

February 2021 - Toronto

AS I publish this on Saturday it was announced on the 19th that we are in lockdown for another two weeks as areas around us move to red and grey zones.

A long weekend and Valentine's Day, although in lockdown, the days are all the same. Only essential services open.

We decided to have our Valentine's meal on Saturday and presents. John me a new cookbook and Samsung Buds Live, wireless ear buds. 

I have already marked the recipes that I want to do. I will feature some of my selections over the next few weeks.

They are set up to play music, I downloaded a book from the library and I have received calls. I now have to work on making calls. These were a delightful surprise.

I ordered a bottle of Canadian single malt whisky from Glenora in Nova Scotia for John along with some glasses from Etsy.

We had visited and stayed at the Glenora Inn back in 2013 and I am on their mailing list.

It was a very quiet week as we really didn't go anywhere, which is unusual for us.

Monday was movie day instead of Tuesday since it was a provincial holiday (Family Day) anyway and we had a snow warning. Mind you we have had several warnings this winter and have yet to get any decent snow accumulation.

Click here for last week's Hamilton murals.

Last week's lanes are here.
We got some snow but nothing like the surrounding regions. School was cancelled in most areas, Tuesday was supposed to be the first day back to in class learning!

John did a Costco run. We had a lot of tangerines (so good) that I made a tangerine lemon cinnamon marmalade.

Thursday called for snow squalls beginning in the afternoon.
 John went to pick up a gluten free bagel and focaccia order at Nate's who makes his favourites. So along with a glut of lettuce, tomatoes and salad we also have 60 focaccia to get through, although the breads can be frozen.
It did snow most of the afternoon but didn't really amount to much.

It snow a little overnight as well but this is all we got.

The week passed uneventfully and we kept busy with our computers, knitting, working out, jigsaw puzzle, chores, cooking and reading.

John made good progress this week, working from the top down.

I thought I was going to lose this fern a month ago. I cut off the brown leaves, fertilized it and topped up its soil, and it now has three  five 5 new ferns opening.
I took this earlier in the week, the middle fern is now almost open. Another is unfurling on the right and there is a smaller one at the back.

One of the perils of watching cooking shows is seeing new/different cooking utensils. I am now the proud owner of a wok.


Breakfast on Saturday was huevos rancheros, a favourite of mine. Breakfast prep.

Saturday Cocktails V2.0 - Tequila Sunrise in our new glasses I got John for Valentine's Day.

I found an article on the classic cocktails everyone should know how to make.

Crab legs for dinner because they are our favourite decadent meal. These were from Metro and the shells had been cracked making it easy to eat. But the next time I think we will go to Hammerhead's in Hamilton to get crab legs.

Sunday breakfast was yogurt mandarins, blueberries, honey and cereal topping, the end of the Organic Traditions that I love. 

I offered John some dinner suggestions and he chose pork hocks which we did in the slow cooker for the first time. John did all the prep, browned the hocks in the slow cooker and added all the ingredients (potatoes sweet and white, carrots, cabbage and onions along with tomato paste and beef broth), slow cooker set on HI and 8 hours.

Valentine's and you have to have something chocolate so I made orange chocolate mousse.

Monday I felt lazy and we thought about ordering dinner. But then I thought we should use up the last of Christmas turkey in freezer and last night's leftover vegetables. Not exciting, but needed to be used. Also made a couple of lunches.

Tuesday I decided to make a tangerine lemon cinnamon marmalade. Tangerines are from Costco and delicious. I was light on the cinnamon because I didn't like having a heavy wintery type spice with those summery smells of citrus.

Dinner was creamy mushroom pasta and I added pancetta.
And I finally made (been on my To Do list forever) parmesan crisps.
This dinner was so delicious and I didn't take any photos!
Due to the Costco glut of lettuce and mushrooms they will be featuring in this week's menus.

Wednesday butter garlic shrimp and salad with rolls. I cooked them in the new pan.

Thursday I made chicken a la orange, it's been AGES! Served with rice, salad and focaccia.

Friday I made these gluten free blueberry scones. Instead of converting the measurements to cups as they weren't quite standard, I used my Cuisinart scale to measure. I haven't used my scales for baking in this way before but I could easily add your ingredients to the mixing bowl quickly and accurately without dirtying extra cups and dishes. Major flop - did not like them.

Dinner steak and surprise - salad and focaccia.

How fun is this! How to make 29 pasta shapes.

From the MOCA link below you can learn to decorate a cake using a palate knife.


John finished Witcher and started Scandal, which I've already seen.

We caught up on the latest episodes of TV shows. The finale of Your Honor (spoilers) was a bit of a surprise. 
The debut of Clarice, yet another Silence of the Lambs spinoff, Hannibal is also. Which is better? 
Clarice and Hannibal, as their respective titles would suggest, focus on each of these central characters, but due to a complicated division of rights to Harris’s original works, Clarice will not feature Hannibal Lecter and Hannibal could not feature Clarice Starling.
Hannibal has the benefit of a star studded cast with Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal and Laurence Fishburne as Jack Crawford.

Saturday we watched The White Tiger - excellent. Forbes magazine has an excellent review of this 2021 film.

Tuesday Monday was movie day. We started with 2019 Charlie's Angels, lighthearted and amusing.   

Followed by 2012 Berlin Job St. George's Day, a British gangster movie, what could be better?

We did another bank heist this week, I love bank heist movies. Inside Man reminded me very much of Money Heist, the plots are similar.

Friday night's movie was 2021 I Care a Lot starring Rosamund Pike, a thriller/comedy about elder abuse.

I continue to watch MasterChef Australia Season 12 (2020), I am now up to episode 20. I like the new judges, I didn't think I would, but they are more down to earth than the previous trio. 

MasterChef Canada 2021 started this week using the same format as AU 12, bringing back 12 former contestants.
I do enjoy our judges Michael Bonacini (love his restaurants) and Alvin Leung (coloured socks) , but I am not a fan of Claudio Aprile. But the contestants and their cooking is not up to par with AU or the UK. CA AU and UK have helpful judges.
I can't bother watching the US version as there is too much bickering and arrogance, the judges are not helpful. 

Check out the MOCA learning activities. Visit MOCA exhibits here.

LISTENING on my NEW BUDS LIVE Asylum by Patrick McGrath

Still reading on my phone House of Correction.

Also still on my tablet I Should Have Honor and I haven't opened it all week.

Browsed through Marcus Wareing's Everyday Cookbook. Some interesting recipes but it is almost impossible to find his recipes online! I enjoying browsing, but I wouldn't bother buying it.

I will definitely make his chicken leek and wholegrain mustard pie. Basically it is mashed potatoes, chicken legs roasted, leeks sauteed in butter. The trick is the mustard sauce.

Pour the chicken and leek mixture into a casserole dish, top with the mashed potatoes and sprinkle the grated cheese. Bake 15-20 minutes.

How about carrot and parsnip cake with orange cream cheese frosting?

One tip he wrote and I'd seen him do it on a show but I need to write it here as a reminder.

Salt white fish with rock salt  it seasons it well and also removes some of the water content.


  1. I think I have a digital review copy of Chasing Flavor --if I do, I'll have to actually read it. LOL on getting the wok. I have an old one I got when I lived (briefly) in Hawaii lo those many years ago! We've had a lot of fun with lockdown cocktails ... I mean what else is there to do??? It makes doing the jigsaw puzzles more fun. LOL. I'm taking notes on what you've been watching. And, sigh, now I have an urge to make brownies.

  2. I love the what would I do if I got some...but also meant to say I like your new header!

  3. I absolutely love the glasses you got for John for Valentine's Day. That marmalade looks amazing and thanks for the movie suggestions. Someone else suggested White Tiger, so it's on our list. Re: you comment on my blog-How do you make your soup broth from the scraps? stove top, Instant Pot, slow cooker and do you add any other ingredients for the broth?

  4. I dump all the frozen odds and ends into a soup pot on the stove, add water to cover brint to a boil then let it simmer away for hours. Then I strain it and determine what I might add, pasta, noodles, rice, lentils etc along with fresh cut vegetables and spices. Or I might then take the strained stock and whatever might need using up, cauliflower let's say, add it to cook and then blend (typically immersion blender) to make a creamy soup.
    I might add leftover mashed if I have to also make a cream soup.
    You can save peelings, skins and leaves.

  5. Glad you had such a nice Valentine's Dday - much better than mine! I've been interested in getting some of those wireless earbuds. Thanks for the review. Love those new glasses. Have a great week!

  6. It's now almost a year without Costco in our family, but we hope to go there soon and then we will have the same problem that you have with a glut of whatever produce we can't resist! Too many mushrooms! Yay!

    Your wok looks great -- the one I have is beginning to be hard to clean as its nice no-stick surface is becoming more sticky.

    be safe... mae at

  7. I live and salivate vicariously through your wonderful cooking expeditions. All very delicious and adventurous. Those remote ear buds sound like a perfect gift.


    1. I'm glad I can entertain you. Sending you good vibes!

  8. I like the signage for the flying saucer.

  9. Hello and lovely to connect with you Jackie through the #weekendcoffeeshare. That jigsaw is huge but unfortunately being in lockdown means you have the time to finish it. Thanks for the Chasing Flavour book which I will download. I'm sorry to hear your lockdown has extended and feel so grateful that where I live, at the moment, I have freedom - something never to be taken for granted. Take care and see you at next week's #WeekendCoffeeShare

  10. It is hard to imagine how to live without a wok.
    I received some ear buds yesterday in a roundabout way. They are great.
    I like your tequila glasses.
    We salt zucchini and let it sit for a while on paper towel to remove some moisture.

  11. Jackie, Your cooking expeditions look delicious. Thank you for linking with #WeekendCoffeeShare.

  12. Hi - I've just bought some earbuds too and really like them - but they don't seem to pair well with Zoom for some reason - so back to corded earbuds for that one. I'm also a big jigsaw fan and that one you're doing looks great. My daughter-in-law buys a particular cartoon style 1000 piece series and loans them to me afterwards to keep me busy. Nice to meet you - popping in from Natalie's link party.

  13. I love your new header. Did I miss the information you shared about it?

    It's so great that your government protects you. Sometimes I think our government is glad that almost 500,000 people have died. They certainly didn't do much to encourage people to take precautions.

    I have never heard of wireless ear buds. I wonder if these can be used while walking. I will look into those.

    White Tiger sounds like a film we'd like. I hope I can find it on Amazon or Netflix.

    1. Yes, Deb, you could use the ear buds when walking. Mine are Samsung and they are used with a phone app.
      White Tiger is on either Amazon or Netflix.

  14. I love those Surviving Quarantine glasses. Those are perfect.

    Hope you have a great week!

  15. I care a lot is getting tonnes of publicity here. Will def watch. I did some jigsaws in the holidays - I forgot how much I like them!

  16. Sound like your keeping your self busy or not letting your self be come board.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  17. King Arthur Flour has some good gluten-free scones recipes, but they call for their own brand of gluten-free flour, of course. Your marmalade looks and sounds delicious. I love the Surviving Quarantine glasses!

  18. thanks so much for the mention jackie. i agree about the masterchef AUS judges; there was a lot of controversy here about them but i think they're great. I love Jock!! Looks like you've had lots of wonderful food lately. i think we're all cooking more during covid. i know i am:) And this week the vaccinations have started... Hubby and i will have to wait a while as we aren't over 70:) take care

  19. I have an electric wok but I don’t use it too often to be honest.
    I haven’t watched MasterChef recently, I know they replaced the judges a year or three ago. I prefer the Great Bake off format - more fun, less drama!

    Wishing you a great week

  20. I absolutely love those glasses (and the content looked good !) and the marmelade made me salivate. We're all spending more time in the kitchen since last year ! I now make my bread, pizzas, cookies, veggie milk, and my family is taking bad habits, lol. Enjoy your week and stay safe :)

  21. Wow you are in the thick of new recipes! A great way to spend time in a lockdown situation. Fancy wireless earbuds - nice! Success with the puzzle - it looks like a hard one! Cute quarantine glasses you bought! Thank you for that idea of mustard pie - I love the mustard taste (the one from Trader Joe -not all mustard s are created equal, lol)It may not be much snow for your ares, but brrr it looks cold! Many thanks for keeping All Seasons up to date with your latest endeavors, and have a delicious week, Jesh

  22. I'm so glad you had a cosy Valentine's Day with some lovely treats. Thank you for sharing this little glimpse into your life and all these wonderful ideas with the Hearth and Soul Link Party. Take care and have a lovely week.


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