Monday, February 15, 2021

Monday Mural

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February 2021 - Hamilton ON

We took another drive to Hamilton last week and got some more murals.

Click below for more Hamilton murals.

This wrap around mural was commissioned by a construction company in Hamilton's Industrial East End. The client was looking to both draw attention to his company as well as add some colour to the area. This mural is viewed predominantly from the highway and was designed for quick recognition and readability.

On a home, Hamilton's football team is the Tiger Cats.

On the side of Fairly Frosted, a gluten free restaurant.

Looking a little worse for wear on the exterior wall of Durand Coffee. The “Greetings from Hamilton” mural created by local Hamilton artist Tyler Vanholst. It includes iconic symbols of Hamilton like the waterfront and a silhouette of an industrial tower.

Alexander Bacon is a world-renowned graffiti artist who’s best known for his colourful aerosol pieces. He visited Hamilton to create this detailed hand and butterfly piece during the Concrete Canvas Festival in 2019 (founded by multi discipline local artist Leon Robinson and curated by artist Scott McDonald). Bacon often features animals in his art to raise awareness of endangered species.


  1. There are some great murals in your post. I really like the plane and the birds, perhaps because it is a bit different.

  2. ...the construction company and photography murals are my favorites.

  3. Loved all of these. I wonder if there would have been any way to prepare the wall before the mural so the "Hamilton" paint wouldn't have deteriorated.

  4. The plane and birds one is my favourite.


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