Monday, February 1, 2021

Monday Mural

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February 2021 - Hamilton ON

Artist - Aerosol Assemby

Friday we took a drive to Hamilton, about 65km from Toronto. The main purpose was a gluten free fish and chip I had found but had to add in some murals. There are many more murals on my list so we will have good excuses for more of the best fish and chips.

It was bitter cold out so we either took our photos from the car or we hopped out quickly.

No artist name found for this lovely angel.

Commissioned in 2016 by the store owner at this location, this landscape piece was created by Tim Nijenhuis, a local multimedia artist in Hamilton. His art, found all over Hamilton, often incorporates trompe-l’oeil style which is an optical illusion that uses realistic imagery.

By the same artist.
On the edge of the Hamilton escarpment, you’ll find an explosion of yellow, blue and green wrapped around this building at the corner of Concession and Summit that brightens up the entire neighbourhood. Completed in 2020, this mural uses artist Tim Nijenhuis’ signature “trick of the eye” style with each window lined with a ray of sunshine.

Artists Elicser and Nick Sweetman
A huge mural in support of the Black Lives Matter movement was completed in 2020. Organized by @multitaskii, a group of artists adorned the wall of the Mountain Lanes building with a striking image of Breonna Taylor, a portrait of the late civil rights activist and politician John Lewis and a representation of a sit-in at a cafe. Along the wall, there’s also an image of a little girl reading a book, among other symbolic images.

When local graffiti artist Scott McDonald created this tribute to front line health workers in the early days of the pandemic, he captured the emotion and gratitude we are all feeling. The mural was a collaboration with photographer Steve Haining and designer Scott Martin and has struck a deep chord in a city that is home to nine hospitals and hundreds of health centres.

You can feel the pain in her eyes.

The Beasley Badger on the corner of John and Cannon Streets is Bryce Huffman’s masterpiece. He spray-painted the mascot over the concrete soccer field as a symbol of the tenacity and resiliency of this downtown neighbourhood.

On the other corner was this mural dedicated to the steelworkers of Hamilton.


  1. There are some clever tricks to the eyes. The yellow 'rays' on the blue and gold painted building look like airport bridges extended out to meet a plane.

  2. Love all the murals and different styles - and the "excuse" for going there :-) Now I crave fish and chips, though! But it´s plain too cold to eat outside - still hard lockdown, only take away... (plus the place offers only ... say not-so-good food).

    1. We ate in the car, same here, no inside or outside dining allowed during lockdown. It is too cold for outside eating here as well. Most restaurants are offering take away, so there is good food to get, just nowhere to eat it unless in the car or at home.

  3. Beautiful murals Jackie! I always like to snap photos of murals, especially when we travelled around the world!

  4. ...what a fabulous collection, I always love the postcard murals.

  5. Love the trompe-l’oeil mural and the sunshine rays one is pretty amazing too.
    Wouldn't say no to some fish and chips either :)
    Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Jackie.

  6. Fabulous murals Jackie. And I love your new header too.


    1. Thanks, WWW! Photo reflects dreary February amid a lockdown.

  7. Great murals...thanks for the close=ups too. So glad you saw and recorded these.

  8. I loved how the house in springtime was juxtaposed with the snow on the ground.


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