Saturday, October 31, 2020

Eat Drink and Be Scary

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Sunday Salon

2017 - Edmonton AB

October 2020 - Toronto ON


Unlike in the U.S., conservative politicians in Canada are not doubting the wisdom of mask-wearing, Ian said. This spring, Doug Ford, the conservative premier of Ontario, described people protesting social-distancing measures as “a bunch of yahoos.”

And some top public-health officials in Canadian provinces have become semi-celebrities, as they have repeatedly urged social distancing, mask-wearing and other forms of caution. Imagine versions of Anthony Fauci, but ones who are praised across the political spectrum, rather than being called “a disaster,” as President Trump did with Fauci.

Finally a chart that uses an average daily rate per million population comparing Canada and the US by province/state. Quebec, Canada's highest number of cases ranks after California (#43) and Ontario follows Hawaii (#49).

Trump’s obstinance and hostility, it’s explained, is the result of a life spent creating an alternate reality in which he simply refused to entertain any challenge to his firehose of brand-embellishing bullshit, and eventually wore down any opposition to his invented world-view.

Some of our higher numbers can be attributed to those people who just HAD to have large gatherings at Thanksgiving.
We are already being warned that we shouldn't be planning any large Christmas get togethers. At the moment we are told to limit our contacts to those we live with and a maximum of 6 others. 

Halloween is very different. Door to door has been cancelled but many places are cashing in on drive through events.

There is also a Halloween drive thru light display. These cost an average of $30-$40 for 2 people per car. 

Casa Loma is running its annual Legends of Horror with social distancing rules in place.

Union Station this week.


The weekend was the usual, stayed home, did chores and whatever struck our fancy.

It was a quiet week, staying in, keeping away from people.

John golfed Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I went to the stores on Monday and Wednesday, dropped a parcel at the post office. 

Thursday we had tickets for Ferrero Golden Gallery Signature Experience, an interactive pop-up, bringing the essence of select chocolates to life with immersive multi-sensory themed rooms. However, the Department of Health has temporarily (hopefully) closed it done due to Covid.

Friday was cold and grey when I went to College Park to do some shopping. I couldn't believe the number of people out, Winners was packed as they had got their first Christmas inventory. It was the first time I saw the line at Service Ontario (renewals for driver's license, health cards, license plates etc) wrapped around the mall.

I am going back to going out early in the morning!


Saturday I did a roast chicken with mashed potatoes/cauliflower and mashed carrots and turnips. I also made gravy.

Sunday we used the leftover chicken to make hot chicken sandwiches with copycat Swiss Chalet sauce.

Monday was lamb shanks in dark (gluten free) beer with potatoes, carrots, turnip and celery.

Tuesday I did pork hocks using this recipe for schweinshaxe with boiled potatoes and Brussels sprouts.

Wednesday we were out of ice cream so I made a lemon mousse.

Burgers for dinner.

Thursday I used the meat sauce I had frozen along with frozen cabbage leaves to make lay cabbage rolls. 

I made the cranberry pumpkin loaves again.

Friday was steak frites, a joint delicious effort.


We watched and thoroughly enjoyed The Boys in the Band.

We finally finished all 11 seasons of Modern Family, our dinner time entertainment and thought it was an excellent series and the finale brought some tears.

Next up we tried the British Borderline. which was okay but after three episodes we abandoned it. 

Despite its many awards Arrested Development didn't last three episodes.

Suits, however, made the cut, although it is labelled as a drama. 

My cookbook to browse was The Everything Gluten-Free Slow Cooker Cookbook. I didn't really learn anything new nor found any recipes of interest. 

I started Peter May's I'll Keep You Safe.


  1. Good to see you have some safe Halloween celebrations in mind. Enjoy yourself!

    be well... mae at

  2. I want to thank you for your comment on my blog! It made my day. I still have not started a Peter May novel and he has been on my list for quite a while. Right now I am reading a Ruth Ware novel and can't believe I haven;t started the latest Tana French. My husband and I wanted to read it together like a book club. Hoping early Novemeber.

    Love that cranberry pumpkin loaf. And oh, I can't WAIT for the election to be over here. We voted early as I don't trust things in Florida with our Trump boot licking governor. Let's hope 2021 can be kinder to us all!

  3. It sounds like you have had a busy week. I’ve got the Boys in the Band on my planner, good to hear it’s worth a watch!

    I love Modern Family, I’m sad it’s finished but it’s great to rewatch.

    Have a great week!

  4. We were non committed watchers of Modern Family when it was screened here. I don't think I have seen the final episode.
    The Boys in the Band might be a good watch.

  5. Your cranberry pumpkin bread looks and sounds absolutely delicious and perfect for Thanksgiving.

  6. Canada is looking more and more appealing to us here in the US. Is it too much to ask for leaders who consider the health and well-being of all the country's citizens? I guess we will find out on Tuesday. Canada, in any case, deserves any praise it receives.

    That cranberry pumpkin bread looks fabulous. We are swamped with pecans from our tree this year, so I'm planning to make a lemon pecan bread tomorrow.

    I'm sorry the cookbook did not add anything useful to your knowledge. You are probably at the point where you should be writing the cookbooks.

    Have a great week!

  7. Seems you are both keeping busy.
    Your menu is always so appealing

    Wishing you a great week

  8. I quickly saw from reading this post that you're Canadian and grew up in Montreal! I'm in Montreal Quebec and I thought the chart ranking on CTV News was interesting. Your cranberry pumpkin loaves look yummy. I too made a pumpkin spice cake this weekend. Have a great week!


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