Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Tiny Houses

 Cee's Fun Foto Challenge

All about buildings: Tiny houses, birdhouse, dog house, toy houses, campers (caravans)

Woodleigh Replicas was a park of miniatures situated in the rural community of Burlington outside Kensington, Prince Edward Island on a 30-acre site. The visitor attraction opened in 1957 and closed in May 2008.

John, standing beside St. Paul Cathedral in 1990.

Random person beside church in miniature village of Madurodam outside Amsterdam.

Model of downtown Toronto


  1. ...wonderful miniature worlds.

  2. Love that! Do you know Miniatur Wonderland in Hamburg (English button available). Ages ago we were there, it was great.

  3. I remember one in Oshawa (I think) also. I love these recreations. We had one here around the Bay too, but it was torn down. A gorgeous fishing village, but I have photos.


  4. You are right, WWW, it was in Oshawa. If fact, I wanted to feature it here but couldn't find the photos (pre-digital) in my files.
    It was created by Cullen Gardens and I remember going there in the early 90s!

  5. Oh Jackie, what great photos you have for this week. Wonderful entry :D :D

  6. This is absolutely INCREDIBLE. Words can't adequately describe these miniatures and I'm sure pictures, as lovely as they are, don't do these models justice. These are amazing.


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