Monday, September 7, 2020

Monday Mural

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September 2020 - Toronto ON

Discovered along the Danforth last week.

On the far right bottom it says Crossroads. We lived in the east end of the city for 20 years and had not heard this term applied to this area although it is a lot further east than where we typically hung out.

Crossroads of the Danforth BIA was established in 2008. The BIA has been formed on the Danforth between Victoria Park and Scotia Avenue.

Painted by Jacquie Comrie aka the Queen of Colour, a name I have been seeing lately. She is a local artist who has been commissioned to do works around the world.
She was the artist for the Toronto streetcar that I tried so hard to get a photo of when it was doing its limited run.


September 2020 Spadina and King

This building is an architectural oddity that has survived for over a century, as only half of the structure remains, the other section has been demolished. The Toronto Directories reveal that in 1888, two houses were under construction on the site. The houses were Bay and Gable in style.

As of September 2020 the building now houses a cannabis shop called Blunt and Cherry.

In 2018 it was Bootleg Smokehouse. Sometime in 2019 it was Lazy Bones, a pop up cocktail bar.

This is prime downtown property so I would be surprised if it isn't torn down to make way for yet another condo.


  1. The owl is great. We never see or hear them as we are not late night people but I know they are out there in our parks and gardens.

    1. I'm sure we have owls as well, but like you we are not late night people. I also know we have foxes and deer along the lake.

  2. I grew up in the area of the east end of the Danforth. Your posting today has encouraged me to make a return visit.

    1. Andy, we moved away in 2012 and last week was the first time we went as far as Victoria Park. We were blown away with the changes.

  3. ...Jackie you have a wonderful collection this morning, thanks!

  4. Fabulous collection of murals Jackie. My favourites are the owl and the pink flowers. Thanks for participating.

  5. WOW, Jackie. I love visiting your city. The first mural is amazing. That owl is SO well done. I've only seen them in zoos, though.

    Comrie's work is amazing. Her use of color and nature put her in a very rare class, I believe. This is a beautiful mural.

    Had to laugh at Blunt and Cherry. Actually, the mural goes well with that building. In its old form it was quite lovely and beautifully colorful. Now it let's everyone know what to expect. You have given us a lot of lovely murals this week, dear Jackie.

  6. That owl looks amazing!! So nicely painted.
    The black and white mural looks very interesting, too.

    Have a good week, Jackie. Take care. :)


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