Monday, September 28, 2020

Monday Mural

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September 2020 - Toronto ON

Here's an interesting local story for mural lovers.

Art campaign launched after family gets hate mail for garage mural. 

In keeping with the mural tribute to the front line workers I found another on Danforth.

Jessey Pacho has been a professional graffiti artist since 2007, and has since incorporated other artistic elements like portraiture and landscape into his murals. He’s been working with Petro-Canada since 2018, and encouraged them to participate in this StreetARToronto project—they chose to reimagine the side of a gas station near Danforth and Woodbine. Jessey wanted to stick to his roots of graffiti, honouring front-line workers while also paying tribute to the form of artwork that he says has paved the way for much of the public pieces now popping up in the city. He came up with an extensive list of front-line and essential workers, and created a design involving layered lettering, with worker titles sitting on top. Services and personnel from four societal pillars—health care, transport, community service and the arts—are repeated across the mural (the repetition shows how there’s strength in numbers). With a closer look, you can spot jobs like long-term care workers, bank workers, teachers, garbage collectors and transit drivers.


  1. Most muralists would not work with a company you name as Petro-Candada. It's good that he could overlook his prejudice and pay tribute to those who deserve recognition, including those who work at gas stations.

    1. I agree, Andrew, I think it's the first time I've seen a muralist team up with big business. I must look into that...
      I did, and found this Petro-Can article about their mural initiative with Jessey Pacho (aka Phade).
      Thanks for the comment as it made me look into this more! And I now have another mural to find!

  2. ...a big and colorful tribute!

  3. Love this tribute to front-line workers! I'm going to share some of it to show my friend, the gas station attendant, and my cousin, the trucker!

  4. Always a good idea to laud those who do "the work" for the rest of us. Decided to return to CDP, but forgot so much!! New confusing format to post,..ugh! Love your header!

  5. A very colourful mural honouring the front line workers. Well done!
    Thanks for participating Jackie.


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