Thursday, September 24, 2020

Crops and Farming

 September 2020 - Toronto ON

Rain's Garden's challenge is CROPS AND FARMING.

I am unequivocally a City Girl (with capitals)!! The most country I get is music, farmers' markets and drives outside the city.

So I've chosen to use some farm art I've found in our travels and added some filters to them.



Nova Scotia


  1. Nicely done! Have a great day, Valerie

  2. the farm art is great so beautifully goes with the theme! Did you choose great!
    Have a good week!
    Greetings Elke

  3. Jackie, what happened?? This is the shortest post I have seen from you:) Of course you can say the same to me. In March we were looking for a house in Holland, but when we were ready to take a look there, the travelban to Europe was insituted. We were confuse, but still continued with the process to sell our house. Begin July we sold it, and then I totally disappeared from blog land, because hubby took a job building a deck at 4000 feet meanwhile we started with the purchase of a house in Texas (we lived there in the 70ties for a few years) - We have had no wifi since July. Aug. 20 he was done and we drove to Austin. Adjusting, because it's a city very much like Los Angeles and the weather has much humidity and is stormy right now while in the 80ties. Also getting used to a two story house, that was obviously a rental, so hubs is replacing the white kitchen counter, the shower, etc.. What happened to you in the mean time?

    1. I've been around, Jesh. It's you that disappeared with your move. Austin is a nice smallish city, I hope that you enjoy all that the city offers.
      Lots of jobs getting done here too since we can't travel anywhere for now.
      This was a short post as it was a challenge.

  4. Paintings on the side of barns are a common, often forgotten, art form. You found a good one here and your grain silo is awesome. The painting in the middle looks like it might have been painted on siding ... like on a house. Interesting :) So even being a shoe and purse girl, surely you can appreciate a good romp in the hay on a farm, yes? Fun as always, Jackie :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

    1. The middle was a series of farm murals on a garage.
      A good romp in a 5 star hotel perhaps!!!

  5. Very nice Jackie! I love the first photo. I'm a sucker for any black and white farmy types of subjects! I live right in the middle of dairy farm country here in New Brunswick and I love it, I'm a Country gal with a big ol' capital C! ;)


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