Saturday, April 25, 2020

Self-Isolation Week 7

April 2020 - Toronto ON

This week's song - Hello Walls

This week's coronavirus playlist.

The week started off on a very sad note. In Nova Scotia the toll from the worst mass shooting in Canada's modern history, a 14-hour rampage over the weekend, has risen to 22 from 19, police say. A RCMP Mountie was also killed.

Another photographic tour of Toronto during these times, some gorgeous shots of my favourite places.

Tuesday - Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for Toronto today, as strong winds are expected to last until this evening.
According to the weather agency, strong winds of 70 to 80 km/h are expected to occur today in the wake of a sharp arctic cold front that blasted across the region last night. Environment Canada says the winds will be strong enough to cause isolated power outages and they will slowly diminish by this evening.

And this is what it looked like for a while.

I discovered my geranium flowered!

Some neighbourhood pics from John's walks this week.

Looking west over the Gardiner, normally this would be bumper to bumper.

Looking east towards downtown.

West towards home, we're at the white bridge. All that lakefront and it is so quiet, parking lots closed, benches cordoned off, playgrounds forbidden.


Toronto has closed High Park so we can't gather to see the cherry blossoms so here's some photos from previous years. All roads into the park are closed.

Some mundane jobs got done around the house, cleaned the cutlery drawer, rotated the dining room chairs (we each sit at the heads of the table as our office space), hung a picture that has been languishing on the bookcase, scanned some family photos, printed new photo for bathroom.

This is an amazing story! Scotiabank Arena is turning into a giant kitchen to feed the hospital workers.



Art Gallery of Ontario sends weekly updates #AGOFromHome. This week's lesson was A Landscape of, by and for the senses.

Pierre Bonnard, Paysage du Midi et deux enfants

The J Paul Getty Museum asked people to post photos recreating great art pieces.

Girl With The Purrl Earring adds new coronavirus words. I joined their Facebook page to get the word of the day.

I discovered jigsaw puzzles online and quickly became addicted!

Europeana is offering spot the differences art challenges.

They have also added art jigsaw puzzles along with an article on the invention of the jigsaw.

I started Mad Men, I had seen a few of the first season's episodes but that was it.

John watched a series called Magic City, that I may also watch.

We continued with The Black List, now watching a couple of episodes in the afternoon ( I knit at the same time) to get through all the seasons.

We found some interesting movies.
Once Upon a Time in London 
In the 1930s, organized crime came to England. The Italian Sabinis and English White family in West End dominated the London underworld. Come WWII and Jack "Spot" took over and later Billy Hill.



I finally placed my curbside pickup Bulk Barn order, 22 items. Two items for a friend. It wasn't ready when we got there but she prepared it as we waited in the car, it was just nice to be out even though it was really cold. Wednesday is their seniors' discount day.
Of my 22 items, there wasn't any yeast (no surprise), chopped walnuts or pecans or raisins. I asked for 5 kg of gluten free flour but only got 2.5 kg.

Making a payment at the curb.

Speaking of the demand for flour...

I also got my online gluren free flour order!

A great gluten free website.

We then went to Lanzarotta's for produce. Lots of variety, the only thing I couldn't find was bean sprouts. AND note to self: Wednesday is seniors' 10% discount day.

I also got a basil plant. I can't wait to get more herb plants.

This week's menu

Quiche and salad with homemade honey Dijon vinaigrette 
Spanish chicken thighs with carrots and mashed potatoes
Salmon and salad
Leftover quiche and salad
Pork belly and salad with snow peas and strawberries and Asian dressing
NEW skillet teriyaki chicken rice and broccoli. I used chicken thighs - NOT a keeper.
Steak and salad with a great Thai dipping sauce called crying tiger

Recipes to try:
Pho ga from Toronto chef at North Saigon

Sourdough bread without baking equipment.


Read an excellent article about the Mrs. Dalloway comments being circulated on Twitter  during this pandemic. "Mrs. Dalloway said she would disinfect the doorknobs herself."
Another interesting article "The Ripple Effects of the Coronavirus on Immigrant Communities".


As mentioned last week I am going to go into our archives and pull up some photos from other trips.
Last week I took us to Capistrano where we visited while we were in San Diego for a week.

Since we can't get out we can enjoy some spring flowers from Balboa Park.

Beth hosts Weekend Cooking where you can post anything food related.


  1. We had snow this last week too! I still haven't gotten out in the garden, but I hope to start getting the yard in order this coming week. It's about time! I managed to get my hands on yeast and so will start baking bread again this weekend. Bread flour is not that easy to find, but I can get all-purpose and also found some whole wheat. Crazy what the stores run out of. We need to ditch the news and start watching something fun.

  2. I don't know where to start. So many interesting things to look at this week. Thanks for the entertainment! and love the quote about becoming gluten free.

  3. Lots going on in your world! Thanks for all the fun links--I have been loving the recreating of famous artwork I have been seeing around but the others were new to me. I am so sad about the Nova Scotia shooting--such tragedy.

  4. It seems to be the world standard, 2 metres or 6 feet of separation but strangely here it is 1.5 metres. I prefer 2 metres. It was a shockingly sad business in NS and just not something we expect to hear in news from your country. Seems like you are keeping yourselves entertained, but I'm sure you really would like to be out and about.

  5. Lots of interesting things in your post!

    Melbourne has a reputation for changeable weather too. One of the sayings is Don't like the weather in Melbourne. No worries, just wait 10 minutes and it will be different!

  6. The shooting in Nova Scotia was shocking. So very sad, senseless.
    I love your Welcome to Ontario sign. Very funny.
    Your meal menu looks delicious!
    A while back I remembered you mentioned Adrian McKinty books. Amazon had the third on on sale for $1.99 so I bought it.

  7. I always learn so much from your posts and always get several chuckles too!
    Sadly, I hadn't heard before about the mass shooting there. I really need to check the news more than I do. We've been doing a lot of cooking from the pantry. My husband has been shopping every two weeks, but we're running low on fresh fruits and veggies already, in the second week.

  8. I'm loving your pictures! I'm so sad about the mass shooting. So awful.

    Glad you are hanging in and sharing what life is like for you up in Nova Scotia! Beautiful cherry blossoms. I wish I could see those again. I lived in Japan for a year a few years ago and loved the blossom season in the Spring. I hope you and yours stay safe and healthy this week!

  9. So sad you can't see the cherry blossoms this year. Yay for free gluten-free flour:):) Mu daughter is doing a lot of curbside pick ups - their town is big on supporting the small businesses in this time.Beautiful painting! I smiled about your captures of Balboa park - you saw it through very different eyes than I:) But it was great seeing it again!Love that your geranium is blooming! Many thanks Jackie, for letting All Seasons in on all the details of your life, even the 70-80 miles per hour wind - scary! Have a great week doing your puzzles and knitting (still on the greenish blanket?) Cheers, Jesh

  10. Mass's beyond my comprehension, and it breaks my heart that you've now had such awfulness in Canada.

    I was able to order flour online and now I have about ten pounds. I am not worried about having enough of anything else, but please let me have my flour.

    Thank you for pulling out some of your old photos. I hope you will continue to do that for all of us.


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