Monday, April 13, 2020

Foto Tunes - Coronavirus Playlist

Week 1 playlist
Week 2 playlist

Hello In There - John Prine who we lost this week to the coronavirus at 73.
Click here to read facts about the song.

Old age and loneliness, written about an old couple, is a theme relatively unexplored by songwriters (with the notable exception of Jacques Brel, "Les Vieux").

Alone Again (Naturally)

Wilpena Pound Australia

Don't Stop Believing

Gananoque ON

One and Only Adele

Goderich ON

This week's parody!

Stayin' Inside


  1. I can't bear that O'Sullivan song. Stayin' Inside is good and Adele is always great. I really like you banner line, Always Curious, Never Jaded. Mine would be Always Curious, Often Jaded.

  2. Oh, Wilpena Pound... that was 1995!
    Thank you for the memories.
    Yes, I do believe we go back to normal - sadly internet to slow for the songs.

  3. ...Jackie, what a great and diverse playlist. I love your Goderich ON photo. I hope that you are "Stayin' Inside!" Take care my friend.

  4. That parody is so funny. There's some clever ones around. I was meant to see John Prine on the weekend (just gone). So sad.


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