Saturday, April 11, 2020

Self-Isolation Week 5

April 2020 - Toronto ON

Since I can't be out and about showing off my city, I'll provide some links here.
Take a virtual tour with me through Toronto's galleries and museums.

Here's a tour of the ROM. It's almost an hour, but hey, you don't have anywhere you need to be, right!

John's taken a few walks and has taken photos for me.
Along Lake Shore Blvd West

Looking east towards downtown.

South on Royal York.

One evening, looking towards the Queensway and Humber Bay Loop (streetcars).

Another lake walk. They must live together since they are not social distancing.

One of the condos along Humber Bay.

Home, for us.

An inukshuk.

This week's sunsets.

So glad I live in Canada where we have a rational prime minister although he is being teased this week about the word moist, which he is taking with good humour. You could see his instant regret at the use of the word immediately after he voiced it.
“What a terrible image,” he immediately muttered after the misstep, shaking his head before plunging forward. “But it actually is something that people can do in certain situations.”He speaks English and French perfectly and conducts his daily virus updates in both languages.

Random Thoughts
I will learn what colour my natural hair is.
I can make a fashion wardrobe out of pajama bottoms and various tops.
The more time I have the less gets done.
Wondering how all those guys with two families are managing during these times.


I Want To Break Free

I cleaned out my spice drawer and made a list of items I need for cooking and baking. Our Bulk Barn is now offering shopping online with curbside pickup.
So gluten free flour and oats went on the list, along with chocolate chips, nuts, spices, dates and yeast.

Homemade veal meat sauce and spaghetti with some of the frozen soda bread I had made a few weeks ago.

Oven fried chicken and homemade cole slaw.

We started with the idea of chips and eggs, but then I realized I had broccoli that needed eating so we went with loaded baked potatoes with bacon, cheese and broccoli.

Pan fried haddock mashed potato/turnip/carrots and broccoli.

Hamburgers and chips

Chinese curry chicken

Steak and mushrooms, green pepper and onions

Made the one bowl lemon brownies I showcased last week. They were very good, I added toasted coconut to the top.


For your entertainment!

I watched 3 Wives 1 Husband about plural marriages in Utah.
Documentary One of Us  offers a look into the secretive world of Hasidic Judaism and those who wish to leave that community for a life among the non-religious, whatever the costs.
Series Caliphate Season 1 a harrowing drama about how ISIS radicalizes and then recruits women in Western countries, in this case Sweden, to run away to Syria and marry their fighters.

We were working our way through Prime Suspect with Helen Mirren from the 90s while the station was open, but Bell (thanks, Bell) closed it down so we'll find it somewhere else.

MONEY HEIST Season 4!!!!!! We need season 5!!!!!

John started watching the series Boss.


I finished The Perfect Wife and thought it was a good read, but the characters were rather flat and hard to like. I thought the ending was a little convoluted.
I started to read Pretty Girls.

Beth hosts Weekend Cooking where you can post anything food related.


  1. Your humor images are quite appropriate for the moment. I like the photos from your walks. A rational government would be nice.

    be well... mae at

  2. The masks have it - seems to be the focus of humor right now. We watched the Money Heist and thought it was great! Be safe

  3. Nice photos but without people. I am nicely reminded of your unusual double deck trains. I never noticed before that they were different shades of green.

  4. I made a lemon slice this week too! Super easy and, more importantly, super delicious.

  5. I had to chuckle at where your condo is. Such a familiar area to me as I was I ran this route so many times I can still do it in memory. I absolutely loved living in Toronto so every photo you show has me nodding so much. And laughing at times.


  6. I’m with Mae, love the tour and a rational leader would be ever so nice. Alas.....

    The Sound if Music meme cracked me up.

  7. The chocolate rabbits are very cute but a little sad of course too. Sounds like you have been eating very well!

  8. I’m glad you are still able to enjoy your photography, and have the good fortune to live in a country with an empathetic leader.
    I’m making myself a lemon cheesecake for my birthday on Tuesday :)

    Wishing you a great reading week, good health and a Happy Easter 🐣

  9. Great images! I had to laught at the sound of music photo!

  10. Your post gave me some laughs and smiles in this dark season. I love the sculpture of the bull with a mask on. So representative of this time! Happy Easter!

  11. The humor is so helpful, as are the photos. It's hot here today (92 degrees Fahrenheit) and we took a walk, and all I could keep thinking was that I hope this kills the virus.

    I am completely staying away from the news. Do you think Canada would consider annexing the US? It would be nice to have a leader who has his head on straight. Our lieutenant governor is just as bad. He said last week that some older people may have to be sacrificed to the economy!

  12. Love the masks out and about in Toronto. Luckily in Ohio we have a competent governor who has done all the rights things thus far. It would be nice if we had competent leadership from the top, but nothing to be done about until November.

  13. As long as you are still humorous, I don't need to worry about you Jackie:) These chocolate bunnies and the bull are hilarious! You're a great photographer, but your hubby did a great job too! It looks like she likes city scapes! That shape of that one condo is phenomenal! What they even arrest innocent women in the hills of Austria? (Sound of music)I don't have a plural marriage (grunt), but I do keep up with my 2 daughter's families. Am blessed, their mental health is perfect, so no need to worry at all with them, or their kids. Talked to middle daughter and family on Easter for an hour (mostly with their kids of course) via Skype, so that was lovely! Luckily, just before stores became non-essential, I bought some hair color. Yesterday I took the jump and cut my hair (in my weekly post) -a girl has to do something, right? many thanks for your great post for All Seasons, Jackie, and have a lovely week, jesh

  14. I should have moved to Canada when I had the chance! Our governors are now just ignoring the idiot in the White House. Glad you got out and about this week.

    1. Yes, we have been noticing/watching some US governors doing what should be done.


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