Friday, December 7, 2018

Weekend Roundup

Welcome to The Weekend Roundup...hosted by Tom The Back Roads Traveler
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1. Starts with "W."
2. A Favorite

For the letter of the week for this round I am going to go with all things TTC, Toronto Transit Corporation.

Starts with "W"

Wilson Station was opened in what was then the Borough of North York as the last station in the 1978 subway line extension north from St. George Station. The station and the street are named in honour of Norman D. Wilson, Toronto-based transportation engineer.

The train platforms for this (and a lot of the stations on this section) are a level up from the concourse and basically outside. It was cold today as I waited for a return train.

It has this unusual seating which helped with the wind.

Wilson was the north-western terminus of the Yonge–University line for eighteen years and a major hub for TTC bus service, but with the extension to Sheppard West (then named Downsview) in 1996, many of the bus routes serving areas to the north were moved to the new station.

Below the tracks, where the toll booths and links to the outparking and buses, were a bakery, newsstand and lottery booth.

A quiet waiting spot.

A wall sculpture by Ted Bieler entitled Canyons is located at the mezzanine level.

And I scored two bonus W, as this is one of the few stations that have restrooms, bathrooms, toilets.

It has a Women's Washroom.


A new one to me - WYE, which I found when researching the subway system for this challenge.

a support or other structure shaped like a Y, in particular.
a triangle of railroad track, used for turning locomotives or trains.
noun: wye; plural noun: wyes
(in plumbing) a short pipe with a branch joining it at an acute angle.

And then I spotted this license plate on Coxwell at Danforth. I'm guessing she/he works for the TTC as this car was parked right outside Coxwell station's parking lot.


The weather doesn't matter when you are underground on transit. But it's a different story using transit on the street.

When I worked on King St we could watch the streetcars. In this wintery scene the white truck thought he could pass between the sidewalk and the streetcar!


  1. The Canyons wall sculpture is fascinating!

  2. ...OK Jackie, you've made it to 'W' I can't wait to see what you come up with 'XY' and 'Z." The driver of the 'W'hite truck must not be too smart. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your weekend.

  3. Amazing sculpture! Speaking of amazing, I'm amazed you are able to find a station for every letter. I look forward to your posts. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. A common surname in the US. There was President Woodrow Wilson, Mr. Wilson was Dennis the Menace's neighbor.

  5. As long as one is indoors…. no weather can do harm ;-) But outside is quit a different story


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