Saturday, December 15, 2018

Hot Doughnuts

 December - Toronto ON

Another quite uneventful week as we battle the last of our colds. No new or exciting meals as we work through what we have.


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We cashed in some frequent flyer points and John got an espresso machine so we can have cafe con leche at home!

ABC Wednesday Letter W
Kammie's Odd Ball Challenge Dogs

A performing piano at Union Station.

The highlight of our week was our Christmas lunch with K and B. We went to O and B where we have dined before but it is always good and they provide gluten free bread when asked that is baked in house. It was flat iron steaks and frites all around and no photos!!

Decorations in Brookfield Place.

Thursday Doors Gran Via Madrid

I went out for a haircut and picked up a new external hard drive as I am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to back ups! And, really exciting, I picked up a winter doormat.

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Nov 25 Barcelona

We had plans to go to City Hall to see the Christmas lights and go to dinner but it was really raining out.

So we opted for home made pizza!

O and B Canteen Front and Yonge

The Woman in the Window, while predictable it was an interesting read.
Sleep, Baby, Sleep was really good, set in Amsterdam.

Also started The Favorite Sister, not impressive.

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  1. I've had Woman in the Window on my reading list for a while; good to know it was worth reading. Cool coffee machine! I hope those colds go find somewhere else to live already!

  2. Great photos Jackie, and I hope you both get over those colds quickly. Merry Christmas!

  3. The Christmas decorations are very pretty.

  4. I hope you two get to feeling better. Being down with a cold is so unpleasant.
    I'll have to check out Sleep, Baby, Sleep.

  5. Love your variety of photos, especially the tree at Brookfield Place.

  6. Since the rain destroyed 2 doormats I look forward to buying two more. Cheap thrills, lol. That large chandelier has me thinking of a tall furry hat. :-) Merry Christmas to you and your guy.


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