Thursday, December 13, 2018


The Life of B December Challenge

2018 - Stratford ON

Shakespeare was not of an age, but for all time

These words of praise, probably the most famous ever written about Shakespeare, were penned by Shakespeare's good friend and fellow writer, Ben Jonson.


Here is the full statue.

Some suggestions from Becky.
Here are some timely thoughts to help get us on our way, and hopefully avoid any of us burning the midnight oil next month;
A stitch in time saves nine
Early bird catches the worm
In the nick of time
More haste, less speed
Time and tide wait for no man (or woman!)

Dec 1 Spain
Dec 2 Toronto
Dec 3 Spain
Dec 4 Toronto
Dec 5 Dublin Ireland
Dec 6 Lincoln NE
Dec 7 Mazatlan Mexico
Dec 8 Manhattan NY
Dec 9 Lincoln NE
Dec 10 Las Vegas NV
Dec 11 New Mexico
Dec 12 Toronto

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