Sunday, April 30, 2017

May Monthly City Theme

This month's theme  Linking up with City Daily Photo.

May - Let's Eat

C'mon, at this price!

Dec – Gift
Nov - Rock ‘n’ Roll
Oct - Sensual
Sept - Photographing the Photographer
Aug - Young at Heart
July - Motion
June - Nature
May - Let’s Eat!
Apr - Wet
Mar - Black and white in color (images that look B+W but are really in color)
Feb - Loving life
Jan - Photo of the Year


  1. Intriguing sign! Have you eaten there?

  2. I'm wondering about the quality at that price, if this is a recent photo. Is it all take-out? You can't get one egg roll for that at my favorite Chinese restaurant, and I do live in California.


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