Friday, April 28, 2017

In a Pickle

April 2017 - Toronto ON

Summer 2016 - Toronto ON

Click here to read an amazing food article about Expo 67. I remember Expo 67 so well. I was in my teens and had a season pass.

We've come a long way on the culinary path since then!!

I wrote a post about Expo 67 this week as it is the 50th anniversary! There is another reference to Expo 67 further down in this post.

Saturday John was still in Montreal so I enjoyed my free time with a quick grocery stop.
For dinner, I had mashed potatoes, peas, and a beef patty.

Flower display at one of the condos I walked by.

Sunday John drove home. I made a delicious lamb curry. I took a photo when I started it but never took a photo of the finished product, but trust me, this was a perfect recipe from Gordon Ramsey.

I didn't have candlenuts anise seeds or galangal! Anaise seeds I can get. But I may need an Asian store to find the other two items.

I also tried making some gluten free flat breads but they were not that successful.I thought it was odd that the recipe I used didn't even contain baking powder. Will be looking for another recipe.
I tried this King Arthur flour and it was excellent. I also used it in a cinnamon coffeecake and it worked very well.

Monday we had curry leftovers and I decided to use the corn flour I had to make gorditas.

These worked out much better except, for me, they were super corny flavour, something I don't enjoy. John even thought they got cornier when we reheated them the next day.

Tuesday I used some leftover ground beef to make a spicy mix which we ate with the leftover gorditas. John suggested we mix the corn flour with a gluten free flour to cut the amount of corniness.

Dinner was ham, mashed potatoes, and Brussels sprouts.

Wednesday we went to the Georgia O'Keeffe  exhibit at the AGO.  Before we went in we were drawn to the food trucks outside the subway.

We tried these fries and they were perfect!

After pots of tea in the Members' Lounge we head to the exhibit.

Making its only stop in North America at the AGO, Georgia O’Keeffe features more than 80 works of art capturing the essence of her deeply personal connection to the landscape, architecture, and nature that inspired her iconic style.

A major retrospective of the art and legacy of this profoundly influential artist, the exhibition examines O’Keeffe’s relationships with renowned photographers of the time including Ansel Adams, Paul Strand and Alfred Stieglitz. Stunning views of New Mexico by Adams, as well as nudes and portraits of O’Keeffe by Stieglitz, are additional highlights of this breathtaking artistic journey.

In the fine print, it says:

Generously supported by Tony Comper, in memory of Elizabeth. Tony Comper was considered, by John, to be one of the best bosses he ever had at BMO. Tony went on to be president and CEO of the Bank of Montreal for seventeen years until he retired in 2007.

According to Wikipedia:
Together with his wife Elizabeth, Comper founded FAST – Fighting Antisemitism Together, a Canadian group which opposes anti-Semitism and which describes itself as "a coalition of non-Jewish Canadian community and business leaders dedicated to speaking out against humanity's oldest hatred."

In 2010, Comper was made a Member of the Order of Canada, along with his wife Elizabeth (1945-2014)," for their commitment to the community at large as active volunteers and philanthropists"

No photos were allowed at the O'Keeffe exhibit but we took some of this sculpture in the lobby.

Michael Snow is one of Canada’s most celebrated artists. Born in Toronto in 1928, he has exhibited his work around the world for 80 years. You may have walked under his work in the Eaton Centre many times – those famous geese suspended in flight in the mall’s atrium (titled Flight Stop) were created by Snow in 1979. The AGO holds a large number of works by Snow in its collection, including several of the Walking Woman sculptures. Starting in the 1960s, Snow produced many artworks using the Walking Woman form, including paintings, sculpture, and photographs. This particular set was created for the Ontario pavilion of Expo 67 in Montreal, and gifted to the AGO by the Province of Ontario the year after its debut.

On our way out, a poster of an Andy Warhol.

The CN Tower was draped in a cloudy veil.

Art of a different kind as we walked back to Union Station.

John made ham and eggs for dinner.

Thursday John golfed and I went to get a photo of a sculpture that I could have sworn I had taken before but after much searching, no luck.

I also took a picture of this new high rise that is almost finished.

Dropped by to see the hockey sculptures as I thought they had added to them, but then looked at last year's pic and no there were and are ten players.

I have raved here about P.F. Chang's lettuce wraps and finally made them for dinner.

Here is the recipe, the only addition I made was adding two Thai red peppers for some more spice. I also made my own hoisin sauce. It all turned out really well.

Friday was a nice day, not super warm, so we thought we'd go check out the cherry blossoms in High Park. We haven't gone in a couple of years. The traffic was terrible to get there and then the park was packed.

Dinner was steak, our first since we came home! with loaded baked potatoes.


I finished The Real Liddy James and I did enjoy it having an Irish factor also helped.

Amazing Grace is a Canadian book and I am enjoying it but it is not a page turner.


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  1. ...I can see why you love Toronto.

  2. I love the art, the food, and the flowers...and I love Canada! I have never been in Toronto, but I can imagine it from books and movies...and photos.

    My exploration of Canada has included only BC and Alberta.

    Thanks for sharing, and here are MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOTS

  3. The blossoms are a pretty sight, and I do like that Snow sculpture!

  4. The cherry trees (and others) are blooming around my part of the world, too. So beautiful. Your blog posts always make me hungry! Thanks for including links to recipes.
    My Saturday Snapshot post features the Chittenden Locks, Ballard, Washington.

  5. You had a great week. I'd love to see that museum again.

    best... mae at

  6. Gorgeous flowers! I love blooming fruit trees.

    Can't go wrong with a Gordon Ramsay recipe, and I love lamb. I'm a King Arthur Flour fan, but haven't used their GF flour yet. I'll keep it in mind next time I bake for my friends and family who must avoid gluten.

    YOu are so lucky to have been able to see the O'Keeffe exhibit. Wow.

    I've been meaning to read The Real Liddy James; glad you liked it.


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