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Day 7 So Cal Bakersfield CA to Las Vegas NV

March 2017 - Bakersfield CA to Las Vegas NV

Weekly Recap
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Day 2 LA to Monterey
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Mission at Carmel
Day 4 Monterey to Solvang including Hearst Castle
Day 5 Solvang
Day 6 Solvang to Bakersfield includes San Luis Obispo
SLO Mission

Our last day in California and we take a quick tour of downtown Bakersfield as I had read that they had some murals.

It is Sunday and it is dead quiet downtown, again another downtown that has a lot of homeless and closed up small businesses. There's a lot of history here.

Bakersfield's Fox Theater opened on Christmas Day, 1930, with the feature film Just Imagine, a sci-fi film set 50 years in the future. The 1930s were a strong period for the Fox Theater. The silver screen featured the latest "talkie" pictures, and the stage was graced by numerous acts including Bakersfield native Metropolitan Opera baritone Lawrence Tibbett (1933); world-renowned soprano Kirsten Flagstad (1939); the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra (1939); and the classic pianist Arthur Rubinstein (1940).

I heard an ad for this performance and thought it would have been great to hear.

I couldn't find this performance but did find their Star Wars.

I found the following fascinating history at Backpacker Verse site.

The Padre Hotel is a luxury Western-themed hotel. Built in the late 1920s, it became a hub for the famous nightlife on Union Avenue. It’s even known as the professional birthplace of Johnny Carson.

However, from the 1960s onwards, its history began growing dark.

There were rumors that the owner had connections to organized crime in Chicago, but nobody has been able to prove them to be true.

It gained a reputation as a ‘lover’s leap’ or suicide point.
And now, it’s the forever home of many entities that took their last breath there.

Many children died at this famous Bakersfield hotel in the 1950s, especially during the fire on the 7thfloor and the earthquake that trapped them in the basement.

Though it’s been decades since these tragedies, the ghosts don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.
Throughout the halls and in your room, you’re bound to hear the giggles of children or come across the ghosts themselves.
The staff reported seeing a little girl wearing 1920s clothing with a hat and gloves, staring down at them from the banister.

But these sprites are more mischievous than malevolent.

The Nile opened in 1906 as the Bakersfield Opera House. In 1924 it was renamed the Nile and then remodeled in 1927.
In 1937 it received a new marquee and an Art Moderne renovation designed by S. Charles Lee.
By the time the building was vacated in 1994, it had been divided into a twin. In July of 2006, the former Nile Theatre was reopened as the Nile Bar & Grill.

It now appears to be the Hingepoint Church!

Cool street art scattered around.

I'm having a little trouble associating the title with the above.

Some of the murals, I am saving some of my favourites!

Definitely my favourite utility box.

Yesterday we had cows today it's cars!

It's time to get in the car and head towards our next destination - Las Vegas for a week.

We'll continue on 58 which is nice as it is a new way for us to Vegas until we join 15 which we've done numerous times.

Am I the only one who sees King Kong?

The Kawaiisu people (also Nuwu ("people" in Kawaiisu), or Nuooah) are the Native American tribe whose homeland was the Tehachapi Valley, and seasonally the southern Sierra Nevada and Mojave Desert, for thousands of years.

One possibility for the origin of the name Tehachapi comes from the Kawaiisu language. It may be derived from the word for "hard climb" or tihachipia, according to the Tomi-Kahni Resource Center.

Considering it is only 4,000 feet above sea level, the temperature dropped considerably as we drove through.

When we met up with Carol and Bill in Las Vegas I asked her about these planes.

An aircraft boneyard is a storage area for aircraft that are retired from service. Most aircraft at boneyards are either kept for storage or have their parts removed for reuse or resale and are then scrapped. Deserts, such as those in the Southwestern United States, are good locations for boneyards since the dry conditions reduce corrosion and the hard ground does not need to be paved.

The Mohave Air and Space Port is home to a thousand commercial vehicles.

We see this sign and immediately think of Death Valley where we first heard about the Borax Twenty Mule Team and decide it's worth a visit, which is free by the way.

You'll have to wait for more as this post is getting very longwinded!

Billboards for Las Vegas.

Oddness in the desert.

My favourite signfor a road.

Salt flats – large reservoirs that are filled with salt water then left to undergo the natural process of evaporation. After the solar process what remains is a layer of salt. They add more salt water and let it evaporate again. Eventually, there is a thick crust of salt left and that is harvested, processed and sold.

Must be in Nevada!

Checked into Wyndham Grand Desert with a very different view from January.


  1. I love the fun, spirited and colourful street art that you found in Bakersfield. It seems in contrast to the rest of the city that seems to have a desolate, sad cast to it.

  2. I started out upset for the children and the earthquake and ended up grinning at the Tonka trucks? :) :) Strange places you get to, Jackie! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Death Valley, still haven't gone there! Like to go some time when the desert is blooming. And Bakersfield, we always went through there to visit our kids in Sacramento, but never visited down town! Cute, and nice murals! I think you have been at more places than I have, lol!
    Great post as always Jackie and thanks so much for sharing California with All Seasons! Have a great traveling week (don't get stuck in Las Vegas spending your money, haha)

  4. I used to have to go to Bakersfield all the time for work!! I had no idea there was so much street art and character there!

  5. Always love looking through your captures! Those utility boxes look fab! But my favourites are the cars, especially the second one down with the meadow and blue sky, so much detail! Looks like you had a fantastic time.

    Thanks so much for linking up with #MMBC. Hope to see you Monday x

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