Sunday, February 13, 2011

2011 - Week 6 Eating

Last Sunday DH made these cinnamon buns from a package. He did an exact job of icing them.

Since it was Super Bowl we had to have chili which DH made with me as the sous-chef (which menat I did all the chopping, organizing and cleaning up)! Normally we have people over but this year it was just us, but we ended up with a huge pot which I took to work and the "girls" and had lunch for Monday and Tuesday.

Don't think I took a picture of the finished product.

I also made the butternut squash soup that I wrote about in a previous post. Very disappointing, tasted bitter.

For a salad I made a version of this root vegetable salad using what we had, cabbage, celery, carrots, cucumber. I was good and nice to have a hearty salad in winter.

Monday - leftover chili.

Tuesday - plain spaghetti and sauce.

Wednesday - chips (French fries) and egg and beans. Can never go wrong with that.

Thursday - DH was playing squash and I had a desire for onion soup. I did cheat and used a boxed broth rather than defrost a homemade one. But it was so good.

Friday - We had steak, baked potatoes and broccoli.

Saturday - we had friends over for brunch and did a big "English" breakfast and spent the day chatting.

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  1. Jake it looks like you had a week of good eats. This is mt first visit here and I just wanted you to know what fun I had browsing through your earlier entries. This is a very pleasant spot to visit. I'll be back. Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary


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