Sunday, February 20, 2011

365 Decluttering - Week 7

Sunday Feb 13 - Since the power went out I decluttered my bureau drawers and put a pile of stuff into the charity pile and a couple of things in the garbage.

Also threw out 3 cans from kitchen cupboard that had expired.

Monday - went to $ store to get some more small containers to finish off the spices cleanup. Finished product:

Tuesday - A couple of silhouettes done of us in Guilin China showing the Elephant Trunk behind us. These were to go a while ago but they kept sitting on the desk for a while before they made it into the garbage.

Here is a photo of the man creating them.

And a picture of Elephant Trunk Hill

Wednesday - an OLD address book.

Thursday - the hood from my old winter coat which went into the charity bags last month.

Friday -Nothing done at home but have been helping declutter the office for our move!

Saturday - Finally found a frame to replace the frame on a photo of my parents. It was an old cheap frame, it just dawned on me that it really should go!

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