Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week 9 - 365 Decluttering

This is about decluttering but it is also about rearranging items for display, which is becoming part of a spring cleaning project which I am enjoying as it is being done in little spurts. It is freeing up space in the much used areas and moving stuff to other less used spaces as well.
There is also the decluttering of the mind as well, I have things that need to be done, you know, all that household administrivia.

Sunday Feb 27 - cleaned out 7 more OTC items from the medicine cabinet that were well past their expiry dates. My DH has a penchant for buying these for "just in case". In fact, no sooner had I cleared these out than he came back from the drugstore with a replacement for one of them!

Monday - chopsticks, I know sounds crazy. We had a bunch of them from take-out Chinese food. I do not need these, as I have beautiful ones that I bought in Hong Kong as well as some I bought here in a great grcoery store T & T.

Take-out chopsticks
 Chopsticks bought in Hong Kong
 Pretty chopsticks from T&T
 Messy drawer with chopsticks still not tidied up but at least they ones above are no longer in kitchen drawer and all chopsticks are in the same place.

Tuesday - nothing exciting just an oven mitt and apron - into charity pile.
The bag of birdseed is now in the container that I didn't know what to do with last month.
2 open bottles of dishwashing detergent - kitchen container filled up and remainder combined into 1 bottle

Wednesday - Trivet
Cleaned out some duplicate containers in the fridge

Thursday - Vase - to household items for Craigslist.
Oil dispenser - received as a gift this week but not needed.
Some miscellaneous stuff found in a bathroom drawer.

Friday  - Copies of travel visas - expired not needed. Also some more papers from the filing cabinet were taken into the office for disposal in the secure bins.

Saturday - finally threw out the remaining flowers from Valentine's Day - they really lasted well as I had put them into a smaller vase and then put them on the cold front porch.
The vase they were in went into the box of stuff to be posted on Craigslist.

Saturday - Herbal supplement bought by DH online with an expiry date of September 2009 that was taking up room in the fridge.

Some items to tackle next week are the various throws/blankets that are around or in a closet.
Also in the plan is some of the stuff in the basement including garbage etc.

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