Sunday, February 13, 2011

365 Decluttering - Week 6

Sunday Feb 6 - started on my spices. I had little bags and jars in various locations, the fridge, cupboard and even downstairs in the basement pantry. I grouped them all together. On Monday I bought some small plastic jars at the $ store and arranged them. If there was too much spice to fit the jar I threw it out. I still need to get some more jars to finish the job.

I also decided that the "stuff" we had bought on travels that were on the mantle didn't really fit there, they were too small and didn't get any visabilty. The shelves in the "computer" room attached to the kitchen had cute shelves that are built in. That just made me think of my spice decluttering as my mom had used this space as a spice rack here is a photo (not hers) of what it looked like.
This photo is from

Well, my cabinet was filled with cat ornaments and boxes. I looked at them and decided I could let most of them go.

I kept the ones that meant something, the cat from Egypt that my sister had given me, a black cat I bought in Murano (known for their glass blowing) in Venice, black clock I bought I bought in San Diego and the stained glass i bought in Doolin in Ireland. The other black piece is from Mexico City bought near Teotihuacan the pyramids outside the city.

I then took the travel collection from the living room and arranged them on the other shelves. I do think they look mych nicer displayed like this.

Monday, Tuesday and Wendesday were easy, we are moving the office so we are clearing out all the computer equipment. I simply went through our stockpile in the basement and brought it into the office for salvage.

Thursday - I had 2 wooden boxes that were sitting in my kitchen with nothing in them, they are cute but serving no purpose. A friend at work mentioned she needed a sewing box so I brought these two boxes.
I also brought in an Excel Programming book that I never liked.

Friday and Saturday saw 4 more sweaters make it into the charity pile.

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  1. You should see my cupboard where I keep my spices. Every time I need to use a spice (which is all the time), it's a major ordeal to find the one I want. I need to do what you did and get some jars from the dollar store. I need to declutter too - thanks for the inspiration!


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