Saturday, February 5, 2011

Decluttering Week 5

Sunday Jan 31 - more paperwork for shredding. going forward I am going to try and shred monthly, I'm not saving all this stuff for a year. Most of it you can get copies of, if necessary. House bills are entered on a spreadsheet.

Monday - keyring given to us by advisor.

Tuesday - old nail polish, wine bottle in shape of a purple cat - why do I need this??

Wednesday - travelogues and flyers from various travels.

Thursday - some odds and sods. 2 sweaters, a keyring.


Friday - Cleaned out all those recipes that had been photocopied, cut out from magazines or printed from the web. I took my favourites and posted them on my blog for the next couple of weeks.
 The after pile was weaned down yet again on Saturday by a few pages.

Saturday - a different kind of declutter. My To Do list is growing longer and longer. I am going to tackle some of them today. I won't tell you what all of them are as I won't get to them all today and some are private. However, there is the Istanbul video to complete, the China poster to put together, more work on the video for a friend's bday, some museum renewals etc.

Also will be getting serioous over the next few weeks of lining up objects to sell on Craig's List. I have had several friends rave about doing this, so we'll see.

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