Sunday, February 27, 2011

365 Decluttering - Week 8

Sunday Feb 20 - I spent going through the Photoshop magazines and getting them in order. Then I went through the CDs which came with the magazines and found other photo software CDs and magazines that I didn't know I had so obviously they can go. Then I got down the big box of CDs and cleared that out.
I plan to post these items on Craigslist shortly.

Monday - I am tired of my centrepiece on the dining room table. The candles need replacing. Also it has no meaning for me, it was bought at a big box store.
 I will be adding this to a lot of household articles for Craigslist.

Tuesday - I brought back into work some cables from my old work laptop that no longer fit the new one.

Wednesday - Some things are not quite decluttering but substituting. As part of the cleaning up and out of our current offices on King St I was given a new vase by someone who did not want it. I am replacing my similar sized vase with is one for a couple of reasons, the new one (on the left) was given to me by a close worker and my old one (on the right) is a little "too country" for me. It will go into the lot of household articles I plan to advertise on Craigslist.

Thursday - a decluttering of a different kind. I had purchased Toronto Entertainment Coupon Book as part of a fund raising campaign at work. It covers a large portion of the Greater Toronto Area, and contains coupons for things we would not use. I had a friend, with a small baby, go through the book and help herself to any coupons in her area or of interest to her.

Friday - 2 summer dresses were "rehomed' to a friend.

Saturday-  not much today, old lottery ticket still held up by a magnet on the fridge, that we won a spa kit on before Christmas! And a pair of jeans for the charity pile.

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